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Rough Stuff (Italian A colpi di danza, literally With Blows of Dance) is the fifth Mini Special issue from the series W.I.T.C.H. Everyday. It was first published in November 2006 alongside Issue 068: The Dark Side and is eight pages long. The script was written by Alessandro Ferrari and the art was by Ettore Gula.[1]


Taranee has been assigned to dance with the celebrity Brian Ryan, who is not a good dancer.


W.I.T.C.H. arrived outside of Jensen Dance Academy where a large crowd of girls were waiting outside for the actor Brian Ryan who was inside. Taranee tried to fight her way inside to get to her dance class but girls in the crowd block her way saying they had waited longer. Irma mocked Cornelia's double standard for judging the girls waiting for Brian, but joining in herself.

Inside the dance studio, Taranee, like several other students in the class, looked haggard. Sheila Jensen reassured her that everyone had to do the same. Kevin Jensen announced that they have a dance show for the opening at Club Frankenhouse with Brian Ryan, introduced him to the class and announced that Taranee would be the one to dance with him.

The next day, Taranee was excited to meet Brian Ryan, but he was cocky and a bad dancer so she quickly became annoyed with him. As the week went on, Taranee tried to show him dance moves but he either didn't know what moves she was talking about or failed at them. When he failed at dancing, he told Taranee to practice more. On the seventh day, He did finally succeed at his routine.

On the day of the show, Taranee, now covered in bandages, told the rest of W.I.T.C.H. about her bad week. Brian Ryan came into her dressing room and told Taranee to find him a new dancer as she was covered in bandages and would ruin his image. Irma got mad at this, but Taranee simply told him to wait in his dressing room.

Taranee went outside to a crowd of Brian Ryan's fans and told them that he was waiting in his dressing room to sign autographs and give kisses. The fans immediately rushed into his dressing room. Later, on stage, Taranne and Brian Ryan performed together, both covered in bandages.





  • Taranee breaks the fourth wall twice in this mini special, by referencing the page-count and noticing when Brian Ryan fell out of the comic panel.