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Written in the Stars (Italian Lo dicono le stelle, literally The Stars Say So) is the seventh Mini Special issue from the series W.I.T.C.H. Everyday. It was first published in January 2007 alongside Issue 070: Stop the Presses and is eight pages long. The script was written by Valentina Camerini and the art was by Monica Catalano.[1]


W.I.T.C.H. read their horoscopes in a magazine.


At recess, Cornelia and Will met up with Irma Taranee and Hay Lin looking sad. The other girls tried to guess why, asking if it was because of homework or a test, but Cornelia revealed that it was because of her horoscope in Star Teen Magazine which said she would experience indetermination and grief. She thought this could refer to a science project she had to do with a partner, and hoped it would be the cute boy in her class, Jack.

When Irma mocked Cornelia for also liking Peter, Cornelia told her to watch out as her star sign said she should watch out for acne. They looked at the other girl's horoscopes: Taranee had a tough week which she didn't find unusual, Hay Lin was confused by hers and Will and Matt's signs aligned for romance.

Jack, the boy from Cornelia's science class, came up to them asking to borrow last week's edition of Star Teen and asked Cornelia to be his partner for the science project. The girls realised that since the magazine was last week's, their horoscopes were out of date so they rushed off to find this week's edition.





  • Star Teen Magazine