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Heart of the Earth (Polish Serce Ziemi) is the first novel in the Expedition series. It was written by Polish author Ewa Karwan-Jastrzębska under the pen name Eva Carvani and has illustrations by Daniela Vetro, Paolo Campinoti and Mara Damiani. It was first published in Poland in 2008 by Egmont.[1]


The Sheffield Institute winners of the “Around the World” contest are preparing for departure to the island Axis. To see the most famous excavations in recent years. Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin have some unusual days of mysterious ruins and statues ahead of them. They find a map in an antique shop, it contains lost notes from a traveller, it tells the story of a mysterious stone figure – these are just some of the puzzles in this adventure.[2]