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The Fast World is a magical world that moves so fast that it collides with Earth, but vibrates so quickly that it remains invisible to the naked eye.[1] It appears in Arc 8: Teach 2b W.I.T.C.H. of the comics.


An elevator found in the Fast World.

The Fast World itself is ruled by a long line of empresses called the "White Queens", a royal custom similar to that of Metamoor.[citation needed]

Connection with Earth

Mariko Takeda discovered this place with her father, Foreman Takeda, while conducting a research on the Coldness.[citation needed] Takeda created a portal leading to the Fast World in his research (using a device called Coldness) and is, thus, the only known method of crossing to the Fast World.[1]

After the White Queen and her army were defeated and destroyed by W.I.T.C.H. when they tried to invade Earth and the Coldness suffered an electrical failure as it was overused, it seems that the connection between Earth and the Fast World was lost, at least for a time.[2]


The only city noted in the Fast World is the White City where the White Queen resides, which seems to act as the capital city of the Fast World and serves as the White Army's base. Inside, the general look of the people and structures bear resemblance to cities in stories with the steampunk theme. Additionally, this city is renowned for its inhabitants' ability to combine technology and magic.[citation needed]

In the city there's also a prison where the White Queen locks up her enemies in special cells that only opens with the use of a seal in Arkaam's possession. The prison was partially destroyed by the White Queen in a burst of magical anger after W.I.T.C.H. managed to perform a successful prison break.[citation needed]

On the other side of the Fast World, another territory is noted. It is made up of a smaller group of people led by the Black Queen. They are considered as inferior to the White Queen's subjects because of the latter's resources and their ability to use magic and thus regarded as rebels.[citation needed]

A Laboratory in the Fast World


The citizens of this world look similar to humans but they wear fancy clothes of an old European style. Some of them have facial tattoos, including the White Queen herself.

Creatures like the Naiade and the Mormers are found in this world[1][3] serving as the fauna together with some butterflies and dragonflies found playing with William.[4] A strangling tree-like vine is also found here proving that it is not only the world's animals that are dangerous but also its flora.[citation needed]

The Fast Realm's wildlife is composed mostly of creatures similar to Earth's like butterflies, insects and small animals, all of which move at blinding speeds when transported to Earth. Natural forms in the Fast Realm are somewhat similar to Earth's as well.[citation needed]

Not all creatures can enter the Fast World because of its extreme vibration that causes the body to become inflamed. Only its inhabitants and magical creatures seem to be able to enter and leave alive.[5]


  • Kandrakar has no information about this world due to its nature.[6]
  • The world itself is unusual in its right as time moves at a very fast rate (as noted, one season on Earth lasts for a few minutes in the Fast Realm).[citation needed]