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The Four Dragons are legendary dragons from a legend told to Hay Lin as inspiration for a play. In the comics, it was told to her by Joan Lin[1] and in the TV series, it was told to her by Yan Lin.[2]


  • Yellow dragon
  • Black dragon
  • Great dragon
  • Pearl dragon


In the story, the dragons wanted to save the humans from a drought. They sought help from The Mighty Jade Emperor, who said he would consider it. After ten days had passed, the dragons decided to solve the problem by themselves, by collecting water from the ocean, they scattered it through the sky.[1]

The Jade Emperor was not happy with their actions and had them locked them up in four different mountains. Xin Jing, the nymph and mistress of courage could not tolerate this. She gave up her powers and absorbed the dragon’ essences. And so, she was bound to the dragons and soared freely above the world. The dragons turned into four rivers, the Black River, the Yellow River, the Great River and the Pearl River, the most important rivers in China. All that was left of the nymph was a crystal talisman containing the four essences of the dragons and her own.[1]

Powers and abilities

Each four dragons represented an element which each of which the Guardians controls. Cornelia Hale is the yellow dragon because the yellow dragon loved the earth. The great dragon represented Irma Lair as it loved the water and Irma posses the power of water. The black dragon flew the highest, representing Hay Lin who has the power over air. The pearl dragon represented Taranee Cook because it controlled fire and of course Taranee posses the power of fire.[1]