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W.I.T.C.H. season 1 episode 10 "Framed" transcript
Character Dialogue
Blunk [grumbles]
Caleb Blunk, put that back!
Blunk Blunk have taste for art. Yellow, yum! [slurps]
Caleb We're gathering information, not hideous paintings. Hurry up.
Lurden [grunting]
Blunk [yells]
Lurden [snorts]
[both shriek]
Caleb [panting]
[distant siren]
Irma Lair Will, when you invited us for a sleepover, you didn't mention the pop quiz.
Hay Lin Yeah, we're supposed to be watching videos and braiding each other's hair.
Cornelia Hale And telling me how many boys, like, like me.
Elyon What are best friends for?
Will Vandom I sort of volunteered to be in charge of this year's Spring Carnival.
Taranee Cook What? You know how much work that is?
Will Vandom OK, here's the thing. That's why I kinda volunteered you guys to be my committee. Please?
Irma Lair We have been sleepover-jacked.
Hay Lin Gotta go.
Irma Lair See ya.
Elyon I'm outta here.
Cornelia Hale Can we go, please?
Taranee Cook So outta here.
Will Vandom Principal Knickerbocker said all the cool kids do it.
Hay Lin The same Knickerbocker who attempts to rap the morning announcements? "Word! Have you heard?" "Late for attendance. Lose yo' independence."
Will Vandom OK, I'm lame. But I need a carnival theme by Monday.
Martin Tubbs [doorbell] Pizza!
Hay Lin At least she ordered food.
Will Vandom Uh-uh, but maybe my mom ordered... A nerd.
Martin Tubbs In the time-honoured tradition of male lotharios, I'll be your official pyjama-party crasher.
Irma Lair Martin, get your bunny slippers outta here.
Martin Tubbs Ah, my PJ'd passion-flower, I brought pizza and my favourite board game. Hold these.
[girls sigh]
Martin Tubbs Wait till the guys see this!
[girls laugh]
[slipper squeaks]
Will Vandom "Knights, Naves and Newts?"
Irma Lair The games dweebs play.
Will Vandom And they're about to play them in the school parking lot. A medieval fair, get it? Booths with games and olden-days food.
Elyon And maybe one of those maypole thingies.
Cornelia Hale And a Who's The Fairest Damsel Contest!
Irma Lair We can put a jousting tournament over there.
Taranee Cook Cos nothing says fun like knocking a boy off a horse with a stick.
Hay Lin Costumes! I can design all those retro bodices and wenchy-wear.
Will Vandom Liking it! Now, to con the shop teacher into building it.
[bird squawks]
Prince Phobos Hideous.
[painter gasps] Sorry, sire.
Prince Phobos Even worse. I like it. I detest art that's beautiful or life-affirming. It tends to breed hope in rebellious spirits. The last court painter that dared render a cheerful scene, I imprisoned in his own painting for eternity.
Cornelia Hale Um, why are we here?
Hay Lin To see if I got the Middle Ages right for the fair.
Will Vandom If it's wrong we don't have much time.
Irma Lair I hope Elyon comes through with those balloons. Oh! I'm late for jousting practice.
Will Vandom Yeah, we should go too.
Cornelia Hale I swear that guy's eyes are following me.
Will Vandom You think every guy's eyes are following you. [groans]
Wait! Wait!
[all shriek]
Cornelia Hale What happened? And how does my hair look?
Taranee Cook Is this Meridian? Or Heatherfield?
Will Vandom Neither. Guys, we're inside the painting.
Dusty [horse whinnies]
Irma Lair Mr Fordham, I'll bring Dusty back after I win the tournament.
Mr. Fordham Manure.
Irma Lair You're saying I can't win cos I'm a girl?
Mr. Fordham Talkin' bout our deal. I lend ya Dusty, you muck out the stalls.
Irma Lair Don't you have, like, a pooh vacuum cleaner?
[children laugh]
[ox moos]
Will Vandom There must be a connection with the painting and Meridian.
Taranee Cook And with that ox and my shoe.
Prince Phobos Well, well. Four of the five Guardians, one of whom possesses the Heart of Kandrakar. If I can capture that crystal, my powers will double. Summon Frost the Hunter.
[carriage rumbles]
Fair Maids! Make way!
Cornelia Hale [shrieks]
[all sigh]
Cornelia Hale Sorry, we're not from around here.
Elias Van Dahl I know. I created "here". Elias Van Dahl. Welcome to my painting.
Cornelia Hale You painted this?
Frost [zapping]
[all gasp]
Hay Lin Did you paint that? And if you did, could you erase it?
Elias Van Dahl Frost the Hunter! Quick, in here.
[all scream]
Irma Lair Pooh yuck! That smells worth than horse...
[horse whinnies]
Blunk If Blunk had nickel for every time Blunk hear that...
Irma Lair What are you guys doing here?
Caleb Looks like another portal-mending job. Where's Will?
Irma Lair Great timing! It's the day of the school carnival.
Caleb Cute shovelling suit.
Irma Lair For your information, I'm in a jousting tournament. Medieval fair? You wouldn't understand.
Caleb For your information, I was Junior Jousting Champion of Meridian. And you're wearing your pants backwards.
Irma Lair [chuckles] If you think you're so great, enter the tournament. Wearing your head backwards!
Blunk Nice pixie swatter! Trade Blunk?
Elias Van Dahl It amused Phobos to stick me in a world I'd created. You're the only things here I didn't paint. How did you come to be here?
Will Vandom Well, the Heart of Kandrakar pulled us in.
Elias Van Dahl You are the Guardians of the Veil? I'm honoured. This explains why Phobos sent The Hunter. Have you the power to release us from the painting?
Will Vandom Let's see what we can do. Guardians, unite!
Taranee Cook Oh, great. We have no powers here.
Elias Van Dahl Then you need disguises.
Hay Lin Maybe something like this?
Hay Lin This is, like, way the most realistic sketch I ever did.
Will Vandom Holy cow! It's real!
Taranee Cook Everything you paint comes to life?
Cornelia Hale Oh, let's go clothes painting!
Taranee Cook Ooh. So cute! [chuckles] Check me out!
Will Vandom Not bad. Hem's a little long.
Hay Lin No probs. A little paint-thinner...
Cornelia Hale Hello? The medieval supermodel is waiting. And since it's me, I hope you'll spend a little extra time so my outfit's worthy.
Martin Tubbs [hums out of tune]
Irma Lair Martin, where's Will?
Martin Tubbs ♪ Alas, the maid you seek, my dear ♪ Has ne'er this morn appeared...
Irma Lair One more note, you eat the lute.
Principal Knickerbocker Where's the rest of the committee? The carnival starts in three hours.
Elyon I got the balloons.
Principal Knickerbocker Balloons are not medieval decorations.
Elyon There's really old air inside them.
Irma Lair Well, we do have a medieval minstrel.
Martin Tubbs Giveth me a minute, milady. I gotta tuneth my lute. [out of tune]
[crowd chatter]
[all giggle]
Hay Lin Quite.
Cornelia Hale Oh, ha, ha. Very funny. Just see if I ever let you date any of my rejects.
[animal growls]
[all gasp]
Elias Van Dahl In here!
Will Vandom Go! Go! [screams]
Frost [growls] [roars]
Cornelia Hale [shrieks]
[all scream]
Cornelia Hale [screams] [creaking] [screams]
Taranee Cook Take my hand!
Cornelia Hale I can't reach you!
Will Vandom Everybody, hang on.
Cornelia Hale No! [screams]
Elias Van Dahl No, I painted that way as a dead end. This way. Back to my studio.
Prince Phobos The Guardians have eluded your bumbling hunter.
Lord Cedric Not for long, my liege. All this painting needs is... more darkness. [hisses]
[all grunt]
Irma Lair Will! Guys! Where'd you go?
Can you turn up the TV?
Irma Lair Oh, no!
Taranee Cook Painting scooters was a great idea.
Will Vandom How'd Elias luck out?
Hay Lin It's the man's first bike. I wanted him to cruise in style.
Elias Van Dahl Where'd you paint the brake?!
Cornelia Hale Uh... How are you at painting boats?
Taranee Cook I don't think we got time for a whole boat.
[all gasp]
Cornelia Hale Faster! Phew! That thing's out of spikes.
Morpion [insects squeak]
Cornelia Hale [screams]
Elias Van Dahl Morpions! Don't let them bite you!
Cornelia Hale Well, duh!
Will Vandom Launch it! Go! Go!
[horse whinnies]
Blunk [screams]
Caleb Thanks, Blunk.
Irma Lair Caleb! Caleb! Look, the others are trapped.
Caleb In your phone?
Irma Lair Inside the painting! Along with Cedric and his goon platoon.
Caleb I've seen this painting. We can go in from the other side.
Irma Lair Other side?
[all scream]
Taranee Cook Nice trip! I hope you painted the gas tank full.
Will Vandom I think we're gonna run out of river first.
[electronic buzzing]
Caleb Behind you!
Irma Lair [gasps] Thanks. Now where to?
Cornelia Hale We need more paint!
Hay Lin Can you sail in tar? Cos this is all I got left.
[all shriek]
Lord Cedric [roars]
Cornelia Hale What can we make out of black?
Will Vandom A cannon.
Elias Van Dahl A what?
Hay Lin I know! Let's go bowling for Lurdens!
Lurden [grunting] [yelps]
Caleb In here.
[horse whinnies]
Taranee Cook [strains]
Hay Lin [gasps] We're out of paint.
Lord Cedric And out of time. The crystal, please.
Will Vandom We're not out of paint-thinner. One more step, turtle-face, and I erase the Heart of Kandrakar. Like this.
[hooves clop]
Irma Lair That's it.
Prince Phobos What are you two doing here?
[horse whinnies]
Will Vandom Guys, I'm getting a cramp in my turpentine-holding hand.
[all gasp]
Cornelia Hale I recognise that aggressive behaviour.
Irma Lair Sir Girl-ahad at your service.
Caleb [yells]
Will Vandom No!
[horses whinny]
[all scream]
[all groan]
[all gasp]
[horse whinnies]
I want one of these TVs.
Principal Knickerbocker Where is Will Vandom? This spring carnival is a disaster.
Martin Tubbs Tell me. Uriah gave me a lute wedgie in mid-Greensleeves.
[all laugh]
Will Vandom We closed both portals. Now we just need to whip up one instant medieval fair.
Principal Knickerbocker [chuckles] I was beginning to think you'd let your school down.
Elias Van Dahl Shall we join the gaiety, milady?
Principal Knickerbocker [laughs] Well, I'm really more the chaperone!
Elias Van Dahl And here we have a recently-restored masterpiece by that brilliant but under-appreciated artist, Elias Van Dahl.
What's with the bike and the bowling balls?
Elias Van Dahl Um... Moving on...