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Friends Forever is the fourteenth track of the album Music From and Inspired By W.I.T.C.H. The song is 3 minutes and 12 seconds long (3:12).


The following lyrics are transcribed verbatim from the CD liner notes. Any oddities such as typographical errors and audio discrepancies are presented exactly as they appear there.

Sometimes when...I need
Someone who gets me

Sometimes when...I'm sad
You show me it's really not that bad

And you make me smile again
It's meant to be
All of my girls right here with me

We are friends forever
We belong together
Promise to
Always be there
For each other day or night
We are friends forever
And it makes it so much better
Having someone
You can count on
Always standing by your side

This world can...be cold
And it's so good to know

There's someone...to share
Anything, anytime, and anywhere

That you can tell everything
It's meant to be
All of my girls right here with me


Someone you can trust to be there
Anytime you need a friend
Someone that you know will understand


'Cause we are friends


Unless otherwise cited, all of the following credits are from the CD liner notes.