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Galgheita Rudolph is a fictional character in the comics and the TV series. She is a Meridianite that brought Elyon Brown to Earth.




Galgheita worked with Alborn and Miriadel to abduct Elyon[1] and they used the Seal of Phobos together to travel to Earth to protect her from her brother, Phobos.[citation needed]

As the Math teacher at Sheffield Institute, she offered Will extra coaching after she dozed off in class. Irma was suspicious that Mrs. Rudolph was a Metamoorian monster, so she and Hay Lin investigated her house. When she returned unexpectedly they saw her without her human disguise, which made Irma to faint. Both girls were captured but when Will arrived for her tutoring session, Irma managed to warn her. Although Galgheita tried to reason with them, the girls were angry and afraid, chasing her the attic of her house where she fled through a portal which they closed.[2]

Shortly afterwards, when the Guardians went to Metamoor to rescue Taranee from Cedric, Galgheita helped them avoid his soldiers by taking them through shadows into what she described as "the immense underbelly of the infinite city". She forgave them for their earlier reaction, and told them that time passes faster in Metamoor than on Earth. When Vathek broke into the basement, she retreated.[1]

Ms. Rudolph's real form

Galgheita returned to Earth, claiming she had been on vacation and resumed her job at Sheffield Institute. She acted as an intermediary between the Guardians and Caleb's rebels, relaying warnings of events in Metamoor such as Vathek's attempted invasion of Earth[3] and Elyon's impending coronation.[4] She also helped others fleeing Phobos to hide on Earth.[5]

Galgheita arranged to retire from Sheffield and Cornelia opened a portal for her to Kandrakar so she could return to Metamoor with Caleb. Elyon welcomed her warmly and asked her to be her teacher.[6]

TV series

Galgheita was a nanny who stole Elyon from Phobos's castle as a baby and used the Seal of Phobos to cross the Veil to Earth, where she left Elyon in the care of Miriadel and Alborn.[7] Galgheita remained in Heatherfield after this and became a math teacher at Sheffield Institute.

Ms. Rudolph in Human Form

Galgheita requested for Will to visit her at her home. When the Guardians arrived, the Heart of Kandrakar detected the presence of a beast from Meridian. Galgheita revealed that she was the beast, and that her human form is as a result of shapeshifting. Galgheita told the Guardians that she was the nanny who stole Elyon away from the palace and brought her to Earth when she was a baby. She revealed that she did this using the Seal of Phobos but lost the talisman between Meridian and Earth.[7]

Galgheita remained in Heatherfield, still teaching at Sheffield Institute, until she retired in order to return to Meridian with Elyon. The Guardians were in charge of decorating the gymnasium for Galgheita’s going away party. Galgheita was about to enter the gym with Principal Knickerbocker and Dean Collins when she realized the Guardians had transformed in order to decorate faster. Galgheita covered for the girls and pretended she was too emotional to face the reality of leaving.[8]

Elyon revealed that when she and Galgheita returned to Meridian, Galgheita planed to continue tutoring her in math. She jokingly asks Caleb if she could throw Galgheita in the dungeon if she gives her too much homework.[8]


  • It is revealed that Galgheita has been going by the name Delia whilst living on Earth.[8]



Images of Galgheita Rudolph from the comics.

TV series

Images of Galgheita Rudolph from the TV series.