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Gargoyle is a rock monster that served Phobos and later the rebellion in the TV series.



Gargoyle is a giant rock monster who worked for Phobos, protecting and guarding the moats from any rebel that dared to try and sneak into the castle. He is very tall and big, he only has one eye and cannot speak at all.


Gargoyle fought the Guardians after they rescued Will from Phobos. Gargoyle reached through the portal to grab Irma, and Will quickly closed the portal, which chopped his left hand off.[1]

He appeared again helping the Lurdens[2] and was present during the invasion of the Infinite City.[3]

The Knights of Vengeance

The Knights of Vengeance

When Phobos was captured and Elyon became the new queen, Gargoyle went into hiding in one of the cells in Cavigor prison. Nerissa met up with Gargoyle and convinced him to join the Knights of Vengeance after she recreated his left hand in a club-boulder weapon.[4]

Gargoyle's main job was to smash down any buildings and to carry the other Knights on his head. Gargoyle did very little fighting the Guardians but when he did, he usually failed as he is not very smart.

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He helped lead the attack on the castle with Phobos, knocking down the gate. Elyon returned from her meditation and defeated Phobos, putting Gargoyle in a cell in the Infinite City.[5]

Gargoyle was released again when Phobos betrayed his oath and releases his minions to attack Meridian and Kandrakar. Raythor, the former leader of the Knights of Vengeance, convinced Gargoyle to join the Guardians as Phobos has no loyalty, honesty or honor.[6]

Gargoyle helped fight for the Guardians in the Battle of Kandrakar and was successful because of his size. When he tried to battle Cedric he was injured badly but continued to fight for good. The Guardians won and Gargoyle became a Castle Guard to Elyon, preferring good over evil.[7]


  • In the episode The Battle of The Meridian Plains, multiple creatures like Gargoyle can be briefly seen, suggesting that there is an entire species of creatures like him. However, this has never been further confirmed.


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