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Grandmother Hale is the mother of Harold Hale, and grandmother to Cornelia and Lilian.


She forbade Cornelia from seeing Peter Cook and insists Cornelia dresses properly, declaring she must act "like a Hale".[citation needed] Her relationship with Elizabeth Hale is particularly strained as she is always criticizing her on everything from the way she dresses to how she raises her children.[1] Harold mostly just ignores anything she says or does, long used to this behavior.[citation needed] However, she is much nicer when the father of her children shows up in Heatherfield, unexpectedly forgiving Cornelia's tardiness and comforting her son.[2]

According to Cornelia, Grandmother Hale has an encyclopedic knowledge of Heatherfield's past.[3] She has great appreciation for artwork and likes to talk a lot, mainly about her son's bad habits.[citation needed]


She was once married to Mr. Hale, Harold's father. When Harold was a child, they used to fight a lot and it would often lead to Mr. Hale leaving home for a while. But one snowy day, he left with his luggage and didn't return, an event that Harold would always remember and one she took very hard.[1]

Eventually Harold married Elizabeth and since then, Grandma Hale would make many impromptu visits to their household to criticize her daughter-in-law. This only worsened when Cornelia and Lilian were born.[citation needed]

Occasionally she would go on surprise visits to Cornelia's house and gave them presents. This included a gold coat rack and a tank of fish for Lilian, since Harold has always adored fish as a child. She wasn't very impressed with Napoleon, declaring he was not a real cat and offering to get them a purebred Siamese cat from a friend of hers, though Elizabeth politely declined.[1]

Peter Cook paid a visit to the family to formally invite Cornelia to a party, but Grandma Hale was disapproving of his clothes and hair, and despite the good words of Elizabeth to his character, believed he was not fit for her granddaughter to associate with.[1]

Grandma Hale made another visit to the Hale household for dinner, this time gifting them with a gold-plated coat rack. She scolded Cornelia for arriving late and put the blame on Elizabeth for not teaching her properly. She continued on that Cornelia must learn manners and behave “like a Hale”, again blaming Elizabeth for not being a role model in which Elizabeth had a thought of her hitting Grandmother Hale with a mallet. She decided to take on the task herself and invited her eldest granddaughter for a weekend trip with her, to the concern of everyone in the room. However, she declared they would go to the Warmwater Hot Springs and Cornelia happily accepted (as W.I.T.C.H. needed entry there for a mission). Grandma Hale assumed she was happy because of the high-class trip and reiterated that Cornelia has the tastes of a Hale. Cornelia asked if she could invite her friends and Grandma agreed so long as they could prove to be worthy of the exclusive location. Cornelia assured her they are, though got another scolding for her improper English, and Grandma advised Elizabeth to call the other girls’ mothers.[4]

Grandma Hale drove Cornelia to the hot springs and were soon joined by the others who were driven up by Peter. Grandma Hale recognized him as “the boy with the outlandish hair”. At her beckoning, Cornelia commenced the introductions and while she seemed pleased with Taranee Cook as Judge Cook’s daughter, she was taken off guard by Irma Lair's joke about her dad and crime circles until Cornelia clarified her father is a policeman. With this done, she advised the girls to go to their room and freshen up, but also warned them to act accordingly to their surroundings. She and Cornelia shared a room on the trip so she could teach her granddaughter manners.[4]

After letting the girls have their fun, Grandma Hale came to inform them she signed them all up for the hot springs’ big treasure hunt which meant they would be unable to sneak off on their own. Will Vandom tried to decline the offer, but Grandma Hale cuts her down by reminding that they were there as her guests. Hay Lin cuts in that they would be glad to participate, hinting to the others the freedom they’d have to snoop around the building, and Will agreed to take part which pleased the elder woman. They sat in the assembly room to hear the first clue for the prize location, then everyone was dismissed to start looking. Grandma Hale had already figured out the riddle and while Cornelia wanted to go join her friends, Grandma Hale bragged that she had never lost a treasure hunt in her life. She hurried off to go searching for it. Unfortunately for her, Irma’s clairvoyance powers let her find the treasure first and win the prize which ruined her winning streak.[4]

The next morning, the guests left for home (hinted that it’s an early departure due to Grandma Hale’s displeasure). Grandam Hale told Cornelia they will discuss how to choose friends, but Cornelia declared she already chose the best friends a girl could have.[4]

On a separate occasion when her home was being renovated, she went to stay with the Hales for a while. Just as she’d arrived outside of the apartment building, her car was hit by Peter’s who had Cornelia riding with him. Though Peter was not at fault for the incident as he’d been pushed by someone else, Grandma Hale declared him unfit to be with her granddaughter and left him to settle insurance issues with her chauffer. She took Cornelia up to her apartment and told her parents that she’d been put in danger, advising Elizabeth not to let her go out with Peter anymore which infuriated Cornelia. At dinner later that day, Cornelia (following her battle against the Singyu) tried to stay positive even as her grandmother continued to unjustly berate Peter, mentioning he should have introduced himself and properly apologized to her. However, they were surprised by a sudden flower delivery accompanied with a note. These came from Peter as apology gifts for Grandma Hale, exactly the kind of gesture she had just asked for. Elizabeth advised Cornelia to call Peter in thanks while Grandma Hale could only sit stunned, beaten at her own game. [5]