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The Great Ring is an important magical object exclusive to the TV series. It is a gigantic ring that towers over the Palace of Meridian and is used to create a huge fold that splits the castle in half between dimensions.[1]


Prince Phobos created the ring in order to invade Kandrakar with his army, enough to get through the fold. Despite this threat, this was a crucial part of the Guardian's plan to have Phobos forfeit his power by stepping in Kandrakar exposing his broken oath to not hold the power of Meridian and Zamballa for himself.[1]

The people of Meridian were forced to build the Great Ring over the palace. Phobos activated the Ring and a fold was created allowing a dozens of Lurdens and the Knights of Vengeance to cross over.[1]

Cedric used the Great Ring in order to invade Earth since he has grown to the size of Godzilla before he was crushed by the fully-evolved Guardians.[2]

When Elyon returned back to Meridian with all her powers back, it is unclear of what becomes of the Great Ring towering over the Palace. It might be destroyed by her magic later, although it is clearly still present during the concluding scene shown when Will said that Elyon has been returned to full power.[2]


The Great Ring can create large folds between dimensions. Its power supply comes from the Mage Ring and Blunk's Tonga Tooth.[1]