H is for Hunted is the 8th episode of the Second Season and the 34th episode overall of W.I.T.C.H. It first aired July 31, 2006.


Will creates an Astral Drop of herself, but Nerissa turns it into an Altemere, an exact duplicate of Will, including her feelings and memories and, what's even more serious, her powers.

While Will is trying to find it, Nerissa convinces it to take Will's place, and a battle erupts. The other girls try to help, but they can't tell which Will is the real Will, even in guardian form. The Altermere becomes good and is destroyed by Nerissa. Will convinces the Altemere to be absorbed into Will.

In the B-story, Will is forced by her mother to do laundry instead of help set up Mrs. Rudolph's good-bye party resulting in some interesting exchanges when there are two Wills especially when she discovers her mother has been lying to her!


  • This episode introduces the concept of Altermeres.
  • This is the second time the Guardians see Nerissa. 
  • Among W.I.T.C.H fans, this is considered one of the saddest episodes as it features the only true death scene in the entire show.
  • Martin's party outfit is a replica from Saturday Night Fever.
  • The way Will absorbs her Altermere into herself, gaining her memories and emotions, is actually how the original comic book version of the Astral Drops disappear.


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