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I didn't want to say it in front of the other guests, but there were flies on your cupcakes. Don't worry, though, I pulled 'em off. [eats one] They're just raisins. Yeah, I'll put 'em back. They're in my pocket.

Martin to Irma regarding the raisin/fly and frog cupcakes at Will's party

Happy Birthday Will is the fourth episode of season 1 of the TV series.


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It was Will's birthday and if there's one thing she did not want, it's a party. The girls managed to throw one anyway and everything was going swimmingly until Cedric showed up at City Hall looking for birth certificates for a certain teenage girl, Prince Phobos' long lost sister on Earth. The girls snuck away from the party and went to City Hall, where Taranee claimed that the only thing missing is 13-year-old female birth records. They battled Cedric until he picked up some documents off the floor and fled, saying he had all he needs.

In the B-story, Yan Lin gave her granddaughter the Map of portals. In the C-story, Martin saw Hay Lin throw food out the window. She was really giving some party food to Blunk, but she couldn't tell this to Martin so she said that it is a family tradition to throw food out the window for good luck. Martin then told the other kids that if they do it too, their wishes will come come true (the more food, the bigger the wish) and they all threw food out the window. Doughnuts were hailed on Blunk, who was very happy when he saw that it is food.

Comics connections

  • This episode marks the first appearance of the map of portals, which was given by Yan Lin to Hay Lin. A similar event occurs in issue 2, where Yan Lin gave Hay Lin the map of the twelve portals.
  • Matt's hair is brown in the comic books, but blue black in the TV series.
  • It is revealed that Will is a big fan of frogs. This is a major theme of hers throughout the comics as well.

Possible mistakes

  • When Taranee greeted Irma and Will by yelling out, "Hey, girls!", Cornelia's voice can be heard.
  • When Will said, "You're so talented.", Elyon's voice is heard.
  • Cornelia used her powers to make roots grow from the flower pot to open the elevator doors, but instead of her calling out "Earth", Taranee's voice makes a grunt that sounds somewhat like "Air".
  • Irma's Guardian top and skirt switch colors in a few scenes during the battle. This also made it into the American opening sequence, which uses actual episode clips for much of its footage (as opposed to unique footage like the international openings).

Potentially explained

  • Elyon was seen eating a doughnut at the party, but in The Labyrinth, it was revealed that she doesn't like doughnuts. However, it is possible that she developed a mild distaste for them after Caleb (whom she was attracted to) gave her the doughnut and ditched her multiple times in this episode. This is further supported by her immediately perking up and running to get a doughnut after being informed that "there's a really cute guy serving" in the latter episode.
  • When we saw the elevator shaft, the cables that move it up and down are missing. However, this may have been a deliberate animation choice as they are not present throughout the scene, while other parts of the elevator mechanism are.

Behind the scenes


  • This episode marks the first appearances of the following named characters, in order: Elyon, Alchemy, Lilian Hale, Tom Lair, Matt Olsen, Martin Tubbs and Anna Lair.
  • Will is explicitly stated (by Cornelia) and later shown (by the number of candles in the final scene) to turn 13 years old in this episode, making her one of the few characters to have an exact age given in the show itself.
  • The melody of the international theme song can be heard when Will met Matt at the end of the episode. It should be noted that this melody is used throughout the series for much of the background music, albeit usually as a subtle remix.
  • Irma and her mother Anna look similar, and are both voiced by Candy Milo.
  • Caleb was craving roasted ox in this episode, which could be considered ironic since Greg Cipes, who voices Caleb, is a vegetarian.