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Harold Hale is Elizabeth Hale's husband, and the father of Cornelia and Lilian. He works as the manager of a bank and enjoys opera music. In the TV series, he is voiced by Jim Cummings.


Harold is often portrayed as a busy man, though he loves his daughters and wife dearly and tries to have family time as much as he can. He treated Cornelia like a princess exaggeratedly from kindergarten until high school, such as building her a cake castle for her birthday, putting his suit on a puddle so she wouldn't walk on it, giving her a crown, and Cornelia claims that he does it especially when he wants her forgiveness such as neglecting her over his work, though it looks like he does it out of the blue and loves pampering his children.[citation needed]



Harold's parents argued constantly when he was younger. Sometimes his father would pack his bags and leave temporarily, but he would always come back, until one day he didn't, and his father has been estranged until their reunion, many year later.[1]

He tried to register Cornelia in Duvall's College, a private snob school in Heatherfield, thinking it was better suited for her.[2]





Images of Harold Hale from the comics.

TV series

Images of Harold Hale from the TV series.