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The Heart of Zamballa is a special object in the shape of a small crystal ball that is actually the crystallized, mystical manifest ion of the vast natural energies and magic of Zamballa, given to the queen of its world.


The Heart of Zamballa, like the Heart of Kandrakar is a jewel, but is shown to be a partially living being. Kadma consistently talked to the Heart, asking to be lent its power and to help "their" subjects, even occasionally asking for advice. The Heart of Zamballa, like the Heart of Kandrakar, has its own spirit, and is the owner of its own power, but is controlled by its holder.[citation needed]

The Heart of Zamballa in the young Kadma's hand, many decades ago, during her battle with Prince Phobos himself, along with her fellow Guardians: Yan Lin and Halinor.

The Heart of Zamballa was held by Kadma, and was later passed on to Ironwood.[citation needed]


  • Increases the natural abilities of its holder.
  • Teletransportation
  • Creating bolts of energy or light.
  • Helps the holder and others communicate with the Zamballans at once.
  • Create a shield.
  • Create an impenetrable prison bubble.
  • Capable of merging with other magic items.
  • Communicate with plants and vegetation.
  • Manipulate plants, rocks, soil and fruit.
  • Protect its user's life-force.
  • Track people through plant communication.
  • Granting its wielder vast elemental powers over the four basic elements.
    • Earth (Kadma was able to use all of her original powers as the Earth Guardian previously given to her by the Heart of Kandrakar and her Auramere)
    • Wind (Kadma was later seen being able to control wind, having been able to overpower Hay Lin and redirect her wind attack back at her with twice the power)



  • Zamballa is known as "The Purple Planet" and there are basically a huge forest, with many plants, Zamballans, which are trees with the ability to speak, walk and think. For these two reasons that the Heart of Zamballa has a purple color and is held by a wooden stick shaped like a twig.
  • The only known queen of Zamballa in the TV series is former earth Guardian, Kadma. If a former Guardian uses her power without being connected to an auramere, it drains her life force.[1] So the Heart of Zamballa must have given Kadma her ability to have magic over her element, earth, once again.