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Heatherfield is a city on the planet Earth, where Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin, and more characters from the W.I.T.C.H. franchise live, as well as formerly Elyon and Caleb.


Heatherfield is an major region of the entire series; both in the TV series as well as in the comics. A significant proportion of events take place in Heatherfield. It is where the current Guardians reside, including Will, who moved there from Fadden Hills. The city is also known to hold many restaurants and a school, namely Sheffield Institute where the girls are currently studying.

The climate around Heatherfield is cold close enough to winter, prompting everyone to wear heavy warm clothing.

In the TV series, Heatherfield is a city somewhere in the United States or most likely the Northeast, most likely the state of Connecticut. The evidence for this is when two washing machines speak in episode H is for Hunted, with the first washing machine saying: "Hello?! These clothes aren't going to wash themselves." and the second machine responded by saying, "Oh I wish, then I could retire to that laundromat in Florida." That indicates that Heatherfield is indeed an American city, at least in the TV series continuity. Based on the climate, Heatherfield would most likely be somewhere between New York City and Boston, most likely in Southwestern Connecticut; the coast and topography of Heatherfield indicates that it would be the fictional counterpart of New Haven. The town is also near the sea or a saltwater lake.[1]



The Silver Dragon

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The Silver Dragon is the Lins' family restaurant, and the apartment above it is where the Lins reside. In the TV series, below the Silver Dragon itself is the basement where all five of the girls gather up for mission overviews and occasional gatherings. This is also where Blunk refers to as the HQ. In the comics, however, The Silver Dragon is unknown to have a basement or not.

Ye Olde Bookshop

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Ye Olde Bookshop holds the same function in both series, where Cedric is in disguise for the attack on the Guardians. In the TV series, however, the bookstore holds an inversion point that warps to Phobos' library through a labyrinth.[2] In the comics, this was a portal to Meridian.[3]

Sheffield Institute

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Sheffield Institute is the school which the Guardians attend.

Elyon's home

In the comics, Elyon's previous home hid a portal that linked to the Metamoor's capital, namely Meridian.[4]

Other locations

  • Luna Park
  • Airport
  • K-Ship Radio Station
  • Movie Theater


  • In the American state of Washington, there is a real place called Sheffield just like the W.I.T.C.H.'s school.
  • Heatherfield is revealed to sit on a magical nexus, or a place where all the elements meet. This provides some context as to why the Guardians were united in this location when they received their powers.[citation needed]