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The Hermaneutibeast is a pig-like creature that appeared in season 1, episode 13 Stop the Presses.


The Hermaneutibeast is a large, brown boar-like creature that lives in Meridian. Young Hermaneutibeasts have eight small tusks that grow with age. Hermaneutibeasts' eyes are held up by two tentacle-like tendrils, allowing for a larger range of sight. Known eye colors include purple and red with yellow irises. Hermaneutibeasts are known for their slimy purple saliva, which they spread everywhere, leaving large trails and pools of purple goo. The most notable feature of the Hermaneutibeast is its ability to turn invisible when it is nervous, scared or at will, making them extremely hard to capture, and often can only be identified by their purple spit. The beast's skin is so durable that Taranee's fireballs bounced off it and it was able to destroy an office chair with its jaws.


A juvenile Hermaneutibeast arrived from Meridian through a portal, arriving at Sheffield Institute. The beast rampaged through the school halls at night, leaving a trail of damaged school property and purple saliva in its wake, causing the school newspaper staff to believe the school was haunted. After realizing a portal had opened behind the school, W.I.T.C.H. and Caleb went in at night to capture it. After chasing the juvenile Hermaneuti, a mother Hermaneutibeast came through the portal and attacked the group. The juvenile escaped as the mother Hermaneuti rampaged. In the end, the Guardians discovered that the juvenile Hermaneuti was hungry, and used food to catch it, and used the juvenile Hermaneuti to lure the mother Hermaneuti back through the portal.[1]

Powers and abilities

  • Invisibility - When angry or scared the beast turns invisible
  • Super strength - The beast could break concrete by charging it
  • Sabre jaws - The jaws of the Hermaneuti could crush an office chair with little effort an expand significantly
  • Durability - The skin of the beast is fireproof: fire bounces off it causing no pain or injury


Images of Hermaneutibeasts.