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Never let your thoughts leave Kandrakar. Never.

—The Oracle to the Guardians

Himerish was the Oracle and leader of Kandrakar for the majority of the series. He was a denizen of Basiliade and in the TV series was voiced by Michael Gough.

Originally somewhat aloof and not free of committing errors, in the Arc 4: Trial of the Oracle, the Oracle was deposed by Phobos, who had assumed the identity of Endarno, but after being stripped of his name and position of the Oracle and being banished to Basiliade, his experience as a mortal made him more human and more friendly towards the Guardians. When the threat of the Dark Mother becomes known, he enacts a controversial plan to defeat her, only to have the whole thing backfire. Because of this, he has stepped down as Oracle and given the title to Yan Lin, who had recognized the threat from the start.

The Oracle in the TV series


Himerish appears as a tall man with pale, almost white skin, a bald head and a small white pointy goatee. Both sides of the Oracle's head seem to be marked with the symbol of the Heart of Kandrakar, and he always wears a long, green robe that stretches to his bare feet.



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Himerish came from Basiliade, the world where both Orube and Endarno came from, and at that time, warring tribes resided on the planet. The Shantas were a tribe lead by Sharr the Terrible, whose sole aim was to destroy all the other tribes of Basiliade. Himerish was a member of the Ashas.[1]

On the sixth new moon of the age of wrath, the Shantas triumphed over the Ashas, Himerish's people, and Sharr sentenced all the Asha prisoners into eternal oblivion, but Endarno, a Shanta warrior, protested against this and told Sharr to stop and requested that the Shanta's victory be not another step in the war, but the beginning of peace for Basiliade. Sharr asked Himerish, of his opinion of this statement, and Himerish merely said, "May wisdom guide your decision". This enraged Sharr and made him roar in response, "Then you will be the first to fall!" He prepared to slay Himerish with a sweep of his blade, but Endarno intervened, blocking the blow with his own sword.[1]

Sharr was then angered further and Endarno rebelled against Sharr and overthrowing him and destroying his reign. Himerish then stood up, thanking Endarno for saving his life and told him that he was forever indebted to Endarno, who replied by saying: "There is great strength in you. And it's not the strength of the hand that holds a sword". Endarno then asked for Himerish's name, and the young Asha told him.[1]

On Basiliade, he was Yarr's teacher and master.[2]

At some point, Himerish became the Oracle of Kandrakar.

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The Oracle often meditated in the Circle of Knowing when something caused him disquiet or distress.[citation needed] He claimed he grew very fond of the five Guardians, defending them against Luba's continual complaints that they are too young, inexperienced and unfit to be Guardians.[3] He chose to test Luba, and let her think the test was for the Guardians, which resulted in Luba combining the Aurameres.[4]


He chose to wipe the memories of several people who had discovered W.I.T.C.H.'s powers[5] and later chose to free the Astral Drops.[6]

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Phobos, posing as Endarno, challenged Himerish, as Himerish broke the laws of Kandrakar. A trial was held and the Guardians were asked to give testimonies and the congregation voted. Himerish was stripped of his powers and banished to his homeworld of Basiliade. He had no memories left of his life before being Oracle and could no longer remember his own name.[7]

On Basiliade without his memories, Himerish struggled. He was rescued from the Lights of the Crimson Lake by Kilubi, Ih-Sui and Yarr who recognised him as his old master. As Himerish did not know who he was, Yarr challenged him to a fight in order to check. He managed to defeat Yarr, something Ih-Sui had never seen before. As Himerish was dangerous, Yarr gave him two options: return to their garden to be made harmless or face the creature of the lake to recover his memories. Himerish immediately chose the lake and refused a weapon to protect him from the lights. In the lake, a giant turtle carried him to a giant octopus, which grasped him in its tentacles and Himerish regained his memories. Himerish washed back onto the shore as Yarr was ready to give up on him. Himerish used an old nickname for Yarr which convinced Yarr that Himerish was his old master.[2]

Himerish tried to settle back into his life on Basiliade, but Orube found him and told him of the situation on Kandrakar - that Phobos was Oracle.[8] The two travelled to Earth to meet with the Guardians to plan to remove Phobos from the position of Oracle.[9]

After Phobos was dealt with, Himerish was allowed to return and assume the position of Oracle once again, but his experience as a mortal made him much more human and friendlier towards the Guardians, telling them that he was eternally in their debt.[citation needed] He formed a triumvirate with Endarno and Yan Lin.[10]

In the Arc 7: New Power, the Oracle decided to seal Kandrakar completely for the outer world to protect it from Dark Mother and free the essence of the elements keep in the fortress in order to become the new powers of the Guardians, sending also Matt to guide them in to find the roots of their power to control them. However, he failed to noticed that evil already had entered into Kandrakar, in the form of an evil tree born from a seed of Dark Mother,[11] but Yan Lin notices and make Himerish see the true nature of the tree.[12] Eventually, Dark Mother seized the control of Kandrakar through the tree but was defeated by the W.I.T.C.H. with the help of Yan Lin.[citation needed]

the last time we see Himerish until the final issue in the Magical Sovereign Arc

The Oracle was devastated to see what happened, knowing it was his fault to take the wrong decisions and failed to see the evil of the tree, which Yan Lin did. He decided that he doesn't deserve to be the Oracle any longer and he made Yan Lin the new Oracle and left Kandrakar forever to an unknown destiny, knowing that with Yan Lin and the W.I.T.C.H., the future of the universe was in good hands.[13]

Himerish returned in the final issue of the final arc. He was invited back to Kandrakar, following the girls successfully becoming Magical Sovereign. He is presumably later seen resuming his role again as the Oracle with Tibor and his friends at his side though this is mere speculation because this is not confirmed through dialogue.[14]

Powers and abilities

The Oracle

He possesses unimaginable dimension-breeching powers but acts as a Guardian for the maintenance of the multiversal balance and as such is very cautious in the use of his abilities.

As the oracle, his omnipotent abilities enable him to delve into the minds of others and feel their emotions.[citation needed] He can also observe others by conjuring an emerald screen that can display anyone or anything he wills it to, and can materialize anything he wants, such as the photograph of W.I.T.C.H. and Elyon together during the Halloween party seconds after it was taken.[citation needed] He is also capable of gazing into the future,[citation needed] though he never uses this ability to predict the actions, and thus counteract the forces of future foes, and even permits Cassidy to be killed by Nerissa. The Oracle proves himself able to erase the memories of others in Arc 2: Nerissa's Revenge when he does so to the Guardians.[15] In the TV series, The Oracle was able to manipulate energy to create shields and waves of pink energy and also possesses telekinetic abilities.

The Oracle seems rather inferior, however, to the villains of arcs 2–4, as he stated he was unable to defeat Nerissa as she possessed the Heart of Kandrakar, he needed the Guardians to protect him when Ari, the lord of Arkhanta waged war on Kandrakar, and his incapability to discern Endarno's true self. This, however, could have been due to Kandrakar's policy of not interfering with other worlds.

In Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds, the Oracle displays the ability to render others unconscious with a simple word of "Stop", as he did with Olymar when he assaulted the Oracle and can transport others to other dimensions with a simple wave of his hand, as he did with the Guardians to send them to Arkhanta.[citation needed] The Oracle says that he is only an observer, a simple keeper of the balance, and thus he cannot decide anyone's future, nor make up for mistakes or injustices,[citation needed] however, in the Arc 4: Trial of the Oracle, it is revealed that observing and not intervening is not merely the Oracle's decision, it is a sacred law of Kandrakar.



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