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The Horn of Hypnos was a mystical object from the TV series. It is a horn, which turns its victims into zombie-like "Trance Marchers".

Physical appearance

It is a yellow/orange bulky mystical horn.


Cedric used the Horn to turn Drake and a few rebels into Trance Marchers, but Blunk stole it and everybody in Heatherfield fell victim to the Horn's spell, including Hay Lin. Caleb managed to break the spell and everyone turned back to normal and the Horn vanished.[1]

It later reappeared and the Knights of Vengeance used it to turn the Guardians into Trance Marchers, all except Irma, who escaped the spell. She enlisted Blunk's help and Blunk finally managed to sing the melody, that was required to break the spell and make the Horn vanish again to somewhere else. However, before the spell was broken, Trance Marcher Cornelia sent boulders flying in the air, one of them fall and crushed the Horn.[2]

It is unclear whether the Horn could be usable again after getting crushed.


The Horn of Hypnos turns its victims into zombie-like "Trance Marchers". The Horn has a low pitch, which changes them. However, once a victim becomes a Trance Marcher, they lack the brain knowledge and speed of how they attack, they can only follow orders the best they can and lack free will in general.[1]

The Horn only works when it is pointed at its victim, hearing the Horn is not enough to be turned into a Trance Marcher. In order to prevent the Horn from working, two methods of escaping the spell are either to put in earplugs (Irma and Blunk did this),[2] or to be underwater, since this seems to render the Horn useless (Caleb went underwater accidentally when the Horn was blown). When the spell is broken, which can be done by playing or singing a particular melody, the horn will vanish and reappear in a different location.[1]


  • The Horn of Hypnos was named after the Greek god of sleep Hypnos, whose name is the origin of the word "hypnotism (hypnosis)".
  • Irma is the only member of the Guardians to never become a trance marcher.
  • Hay Lin is the only member of the Guardians to become a trance marcher more than once.


Images of the Horn of Hypnos.