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A Hugong is an ostrich-like creature native to Meridian. They appear in several episodes in the TV series.


Hugongs are large ostrich-like creatures. Hugongs's feathers range from shades of yellow to brown. Tail feathers are usually white. They have two long tentacle-like appendages at the base of its neck.

Hugongs lay large blue eggs on the Meridian Plains. Larvek eggs can be easily disguised as Hugong eggs by painting their honeydew colored eggs blue.[1]

By nature, Hugongs are docile creatures, and are considered to be a symbol of peace. Their nesting grounds became a popular place to sign treaties and other such documents because of the peaceful symbolism of the bird. It is also suggested that the Hugong is the Meridian equivalent to the real-world dove since both birds symbolize peace. Caleb told the Guardians that the Hugong was the peace bird of Meridian.[1]


Caleb and Aldarn used the birds as a method of escaping Phobos' army, signifying the lack of danger they pose to humans and their friendliness being willing to be ridden.[2]

The Hugong nesting ground was planned to be used to sign a treaty between the Rebellion and Phobos. In reality, all of the Hugong eggs were replaced with Larvek eggs, which hatched early and were defeated by W.I.T.C.H.[1]


Hugongs have two major appearances in W.I.T.C.H.


Images of Hugongs.