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Starting in 2005, Hyperion began to publish a series of eight graphic novels,[1] containing two issues each.


  1. The Power of Friendship (Issue 001: Halloween and The Twelve Portals)
  2. Meridian Magic (Issue 003: The Dark Dimension and Issue 004: The Power of Fire)
  3. The Revealing (Issue 005: So Be It Forever and Issue 006: Illusions and Lies)
  4. Between Light and Dark (Issue 007: One Day You'll Meet Him and Issue 008: The Black Roses of Meridian)
  5. Legends Revealed (Issue 009: The Four Dragons and Issue 010: A Bridge Between Two Worlds)
  6. Forces of Change (Issue 011: The Crown of Light and Issue 012: The Challenge of Phobos)
  7. Under Pressure (Issue 013: I Know Who You Are and Issue 014: The End of a Dream)
  8. An Unexpected Return (Issue 015: The Courage to Choose and Issue 016: Nerissa's Seal)