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Halloween is the first issue of Arc 1: The Twelve Portals, and the first overall issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


We get introduced to each of the W.I.T.C.H. girls, and they gain their powers.


The story started in Kandrakar. The narrator told the reader to come closer, but be quiet since the Oracle was about to speak. The Oracle then said that the Veil was in danger, and that five young girls has been chosen as the new Guardians. He sent away the five elements; fire, water, earth, air... and "her".

"Her" was shown to be Will Vandom. The heart showed an alone Will inside, kneeling on the ground as rain smattered all over her. Someone yelled "Will" and she woke up, just to find herself in her mom's car. They started a conversation, as they entered their new home city of Heatherfield. When they stop at their new home, two cloaked strangers are seen, talking about how much fun they'll have destroying Will.

The next day, Will was terribly late for school. She guessed to herself that the teacher's first word will be "Off to a bad start, Miss Vandom". When Will entered the school and couldn't find anything she started complaining aloud. Another new girl, Taranee Cook, asked if Will needed any help but gets interrupted by Principal Knickerbocher. The principal yelled at the girls and told them to get back to their classrooms. Will said that she's lost, and the principal said "Off to a bad start, miss Vandom".

When Taranee entered her history lesson, the teacher said she was just in time for a test. Another student, Irma Lair, got upset since she was totally unaware of a test. Her friend Hay Lin asked if her "spell" wasn't working anymore. Irma pretended not to know what her friend was talking about, and when Taranee asked what they're talking about Irma put her hand over Hay Lin's mouth and told Taranee that Hay Lin just "likes the sound of her own voice". Out of revenge Hay Lin bit Irma, who screamed in pain. Mr. Collins asked what was happening over there, to which Irma raised her hand and says that Hay Lin bit her. Mr. Collins however took Irma's hand as an excuse to make her answer the question on the board. Irma stammered, as Hay Lin told Taranee to watch and be amazed as "First she gets angry, than she gets desperate . . . then she shuts her eyes tight, clasps her hands...". Irma begged to herself that Mr. Collins will ask her something about Charles the Great, which he did much to Taranee's surprise.

At the end of the class, Irma was mad at Hay Lin and told her she can't tell anyone. Cornelia Hale, meeting them after class, then asked what she can't tell, to which Hay Lin started blabbing about the spell. Cornelia thought to herself, that remote control quizzes is just for beginners and that they should know what she could do.

The girls were also joined by their friend Elyon, who was sad as she scored badly in a math test. Irma and Hay Lin were excited, as due to the rules of their friend group, it meant they had to devise a punishment for her. They descided that she would have to ask her crush, Matt Olsen, to tutor her.

Cornelia left the group to fetch her bike where she found the school bullies, Uriah's Gang, tormenting Will and Taranee by messing with their bikes. Once she's dealt with the bullies, Cornelia reminded the girls of the Halloween party that evening. Will was unsure if she wanted to attend but Cornelia encouraged her as she left. Will called her mother on her cell phone, to ask for permission to attend, and hoping that she would say no, but her mother said yes.

At Irma's home, Irma was in the bath, making water float in the air in various shapes. Her dad knocked on the bathroom door, which startled her and made the water crash to the floor. He complained that she had been in the bath for over an hour and Irma hurried to finish in the bathroom and bantered with her father as she went to her bedroom. Looking in her wardrobe, Irma wished that she had navy blue clothes and all of her clothes changed to a navy blue colour.

As Will cycled home, she passed by Ye Olde Bookshop, where she saw her reflection was older, in a different outfit and had wings.

At Cornelia's home, Cornelia and her mother argued about Cornelia attending the Halloween party that evening, only if she cleaned her room. Angry, Cornelia stormed to her room. When she reached the door, it slammed in her face and inside her things tidied themselves.

At Will's home, Will stood in front of the mirror, upset as she didn't like herself in anything she wore. When she glanced to the mirror, she saw herself with the same older figure as she saw in the bookshop window earlier, but this time her older reflection wore the same clothes as her. Will's mother came in and reassured her and suggested a dress for her to wear.

At the party, when Will and Taranee arrived, they found the other girls waiting for them. Martin Tubbs took a group phto of all six girls. The girls saw two strangers enter the party and admired their looks. The girls chose to change Elyon's punishment to talking to one of the strangers. Elyon went up to him and he already knew her name and introduced himself as Cedric.

Ms. Knickerbocher announced the winner of the costume contest, who was supposed to light the Jack-o'-lantern, to be the other stranger, who she believed to be Samson from class 4b but Samson was still in the crowd. Ms. Knickerbocher tried to remove his mask but he fought back and knocked her flaming torch onto the large Jack-o'-lantern, which set off the firewoks which Uriah Dunn added to it.

In the chaos, students ran. One firework came close to Irma's face as she was backed against a wall. Taranee held out her hand, and commanded the firework to stop, which it did, and then she moved her arms upwards and directed the firework towards the sky. A firework exploded next to Will, causing flames to erupt around her, which Taranee directed away from her.

The next day at school, Irma described her dream, which involved flying and a pendant, which she did not describe but which Hay Lin drew as she and Will also dreamed about it. To discuss their strange situation in private, Hay Lin invited the girls to her home that afternoon to discuss it. Elyon refused the invite as she had a date with Cedric at his bookshop.

At Hay Lin's home, the girls were discussing the crystal from their dream when Hay Lin's grandmother came into the room with the pendant and introduced it as the Heart of Kandrakar and told them that they were Guardians of the Veil, a barrier between Earth and Metamoor. She told the girls that they each had the power of an element; Irma - water, Cornelia - earth, Taranee - fire and Hay Lin - air; and gave Will the Heart of Kandrakar.

Outside, Hay Lin figured out that the five girls' names could make the acronym "W.I.T.C.H." and met with Elyon. Elyon told them about her date that evening with Cedric at the school gym, but didn't want to go alone so Will, Irma and Hay Lin agreed to go with her.

When Will, Irma and Hay Lin arrived at school that evening, they couldn't see Elyon outside so went in, where they were attacked by Cedric and Vathek. Will called out the other girls' names and their elements, and used the Heart of Kandrakar to transform the three girls. They used their new magic to fight back and in the fight, flames broke loose in the school. The flames began to close the portal, so Vathek and Cedric ran from the fight. The girls left the school, the building now on fire, as Elyon looked on at the scene ominously.


  • Edited by Valentina De Poli
  • Concept by Elisabetta Gnone
  • Script by Elisabetta Gnone and Francesco Artibani
  • Art by Alessandro Barbucci
  • Inks by Donald Soffritti
  • Color and light direction by Barbara Canepa
  • Colors by Mara Damiani
  • Cover art by Alessandro Barbucci
    • with color direction by Barbara Canepa
    • and colors by Andrea Cagol