"Halloween" is the first issue of Arc 1:Twelve Portals, and the first overall issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comic series.


We get introduced to each of the W.I.T.C.H. girls, and they gain their powers.


The story starts in Kandrakar. The narrator tells the reader to come closer, but be quiet since the Oracle is about to speak. The Orcale then says that the Veil is in danger, and that five young girls has been chosen as the new guardians. He sends away the five elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Air... and "her".

"Her" is shown to be Will Vandom. The heart shows an alone Will inside, kneeling on the ground as rains smatters all over her. Someone yells "Will" and she wakes up, just to find herself in her mom's car. They start a conversation, and we understand that they've just moved to Heatherfield. When they stop at their new house, two cloaked strangers are seen, talking about how fun they'll have destroying Will.

The next day, Will is terribly late for school. She guesses to herself that the teacher's first word will be "Bad start, Miss Vandom". When Will comes inside the school and can't find anything she starts complaining. Another new girl, Taranee Cook, asks if Will needs any help but gets interrupted by principal Knickerbocker. The principal yells at the girls and tells them to get back to their classrooms. Will says that she's lost, and the principal says "Bad start, miss Vandom".

When Taranee enters her history lesson, the teacher says she was just in time for a test. Another student, Irma Lair, gets upset since she was totally unaware of a test. Her friend Hay Lin asks if "her spell" isn't working anymore. Irma pretends not to know what her friend is talking about, and when Taranee asks what they're talking about Irma puts her hand for Hay Lin's mouth and tells Taranee that Hay Lin was just "opening her mouth to keep herself warm". Out of revenge Hay Lin bites Irma, who screams in pain. Mr. Collins asks what is happening over there, to which Irma raises her hand and says that Hay Lin bit her. Professor Collins however took Irma's hand as an excuse to make her answer the question on the board. Irma stammers, as Hay Lin tells Taranee to watch and be amazed as "She first gets mad, than falls into desperation". Irma begs to herself that Mr. Collins will ask her something about the stone age, which he does much to Taranee's surprise.

At the end of the class Irma is shown being mad at Hay Lin and tells her she can't tell anyone. Cornelia Hale then asks what she can't tell, to which Hay Lin starts blabbing about the spell. Cornelia thinks to herself, that remote control quizzes is just for beginners and that they should know what she could do.


Alessandro Barbucci, penciler, inker, cover Donald Soffritti, inker Elisabetta Gnone, writer Francesco Artibani, writer

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