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The Dark Dimension is the third issue in Arc 1: The Twelve Portals, and the third overall issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


After a scary encounter with Ms. Rudolph, the W.I.T.C.H. girls realized that things are not always what they seem. During their first adventure in Meridian, the W.I.T.C.H. girls were attacked by Phobos and Elyon's minions and Taranee was captured.


Will had a nightmare of waking up without a face. She tried to draw one with a marker, but didn't like it and was afraid no one would recognize her.

She woke up to her Dormouse jumping off of her chest. She accuses him (rightfully) of messing up her room which she cleaned two days ago. Her mom told her that breakfast was ready, but chided her about the big mess. Will said that the dormouse did it, to which her mom replied that dormice sleep most of the time.

When Will tried to convince her mom otherwise, the dormouse suddenly, uncharacteristically dropped off into a doze. Will was annoyed at the bad timing. Will took a cookie and told her mom she was going out with her friends. Her mom was sad that she couldn't spend time with her, but let her go nonetheless.

Once she arrived, the girls practiced their powers at a construction site. Hay Lin used her power over air to break off a piece of cement and lift it in the air. Cornelia stated that it's "not bad..." but she could "do something better", much to Hay Lin's annoyance. Irma then sarcastically stated "Miss know-it-all can always do better!", which Cornelia confirmed.

Irma continued to mock her, so Cornelia used her power over earth to crush a concrete block into dust, causing Irma to mock her. Will complained that they were there to practice, not fight. Taranee agreed and said that they should be helping each other since they're a team now. Hay Lin wanted to know more about their powers and was reminded of how her grandma had told them about their powers in the first place. Will comforted her and told her that they would just have to figure it out on their own. Cornelia was upset that they didn't understand their role and that Will is their leader. Will reminded her that they didn't choose this.

Hay Lin piped up that she wanted to see combined power with water and earth. Irma joked "And you get what? The power of...mud?" She and Cornelia then glared at each other and fought to go first. Their power created a geyser which sprayed on them all. Cornelia was upset that Irma messed up her hair and Irma unsympathetically stated that she'd need a barrel of hair conditioner. Will yelled "Stop it!" and the geyser closed, much to the girls' surprise.

On Monday morning in Ms. Rudolph's math class, She called on Will who was taking a nap. Will went to the board, not knowing how to solve Ruffini's theorem. Cornelia used her powers to make the bell ring early, much to Will's relief. On her way out, Ms. Rudolph offered to tutor Will, who happily agreed. Cornelia and Taranee teased her about being "friends with their math teacher". Cornelia said that befriending Sheffield Institute teachers must be a family hobby, much to Will's confusion. Then she saw her mom holding Mr. Collins' hand while having lunch at a restaurant. Will ran away and her mom followed. Will yelled at her for embarrassing her in front of her friends. Her mom was then comforted by Mr. Collins.

At her home, Will moped, eating her "sad mood" chocolate and told James, her fridge, (using her magic) that she wanted families like her friends. She thought of Lilian playfully throwing pillows at Cornelia, Peter walking out with a surfboard and Taranee reading, and Hay Lin's parents eating in their restaurant.

Hay Lin and Irma were outside. Irma was trying to convince her to come with her to Ms. Rudolph's house to "find out her secrets". Irma believed that Ms. Rudolph isn't human. Hay Lin finally relented and agreed to go.

The next day, they watched Ms. Rudolph leave the house and put her key under a flowerpot. Hay Lin reached for the key, but Irma said that they don't want to leave any fingerprints. She took a phone card out and tries to wedge it between the door, saying that "It always works in the movies" before it broke. Hay Lin uses the key and blew it back under the flower pot. Jealously, Irma calls Hay Lin a birdbrain for "locking them in" and told her not to do anything else. Irma went upstairs and tried to open a chest and wardrobe. Hay Lin pointed out that she said not to touch anything. Irma retorted that she changed her mind.

Hay Lin screamed when she saw Ms. Rudolph coming back to the house with grocery bags. They hid in her closet and Ms. Rudolph came in complaining about her back pain and how her shoes were killing her. She took them off and revealed her Meridianite feet. Irma saw this and said that she was going to faint. Ms. Rudolph was alerted by the thump in the closet and finds them.

When Will arrived for her tutoring session, she saw that Irma was tied up with ropes and Hay Lin was gagged. Ms. Rudolph revealed herself and tried to explain, but Will, thinking that she was aligned with Prince Phobos, put up a pink force field around herself. Will untied Irma and all three girls followed Ms. Rudolph to her attic, where Ms. Rudolph knew there was a portal. Ms. Rudolph escaped through it and the girls transformed to close the portal.

Later, at Cornelia's home, all five girls met to discuss the book they found at Elyon's house, and which Hay Lin said she couldn't open. The girls used their magic into the book and it opened to reveal strange writing and and a false pages cut to hold the Seal of Phobos. The book began to speak, and when she touched it, it burned Taranee.

The Seal began to fly and spread a black goop around Cornelia's room, covering the girls until Will used the Heart of Kandrakar to absorb it. The girls tried to work out the connection between Elyon's home and Metamoor when the Heart of Kandrakar pointed at Elyon's home on the map of portals, which the girls took as a sign that they should visit it again.

In Elyon's basement, Taranee heard a voice saying the name "Phobos" in the same voice as the book, which none of the other girls could hear. The portal in Elyon's basement once again opened and Will worked out that the Seal of Phobos acted like a key to enter Metamoor.

In Kandrakar, Luba was angry at the Guardians and asked the Oracle to intervene.

The girls transformed and prepared to go through the portal. Taranee used her powers to put out the flames around the portal and Cornelia was concerned that they wouldn't be able to find a way back but Will said that the seal would help them get out.

Through the portal, the girls looked around and saw Ms. Rudolph's house. When Irma touched the illusion, it shattered and the girls found themselves in a street resembling a medieval city with several lizard-like creatures. They were shortly greeted by Cedric, Vathek, Elyon and several other guards. When Will asked Elyon what happened to her, Elyon told her that she was fine and Meridian was her home.

Cedric ordered his soldiers to capture the Guardians, but they fought back and ran. Cedric Called for Frost the Hunter, who arrived on his rhino, Crimson, to capture the Guardians. The Guardians escaped into a barn where they found a child. He ran outside and feaarfully told Frost that he could find the Guardians inside.

Cornered, the Guardians looked for a way to escape. Will used the Heart of Kandrakar to create identical doubles of the girls which they sent outside for Frost to capture while they escaped. Frost noticed the fakes and caught Taranee. She told the other Guardians to run but Elyon used her magic to remove Taranee's mouth. Taranee used her telepathy to tell Will to leave so Will used the Heart of Kandrakar to take the others home.

Back in Heatherfield, Will used the Heart of Kandrakar to create another duplicate of Taranee. Cornelia blamed Will for leaving Taranee behind and Will said that they were going to go back to Meridian to rescue Taranee.