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The Black Roses of Meridian is the eighth issue of Arc 1:The Twelve Portals and the eighth overall issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


Everyone's attending Karmilla's concert, but family problems made Will miss it! A portal at the stadium forced Will to disobey her mom and become invisible. Will was accompanied by her dormouse on a solo mission to Meridian.


Irma's dad was a security guard for a big concert and let Irma and her friends attend but Hay Lin stayed at home to help in the restaurant when her mom got the flu. She didn't want to sound uncool, so she lied that she has the flu. Will wasn't allowed to go as it was on her mom's birthday. Will was very upset and angry so she and her dormouse snuck out to the concert where Will discovered a portal to Metamoor.

In Metamoor, she met Daltar in his garden of black roses and the two become friends. She was discovered and got into a battle with Cedric. Hay Lin found out about the portal and rushed off to the others to help Will. They found her as she was dangling from the portal. Nothing seemed odd to anyone as they believed that it is special effects for the concert. As Will fell to the stage, Hay Lin caught her and Cedric escaped into the crowd.

Will's mom was upset that Will went to the concert (she didn't know that it was for a noble and heroic reason, as she was not aware of the Guardians) and decided to move back to Fadden Hills.


  • Will almost fell onto the stage as only the Guardian of air can fly. In the TV series, all of them can fly.
  • This is the first time Cedric revealed that he has wings.