"Water Shadows" is the first issue in Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds, and the number 25 overall issue of W.I.T.C.H.


Irma meets a peculiar old man named  Jewell at her father's office who appears to know everything about Irma and her friends' status as Guardians of the Veil. He also tells her that he knows a way to help them, but when he is kidnapped, the W.I.T.C.H. girls must come to his rescue.


Irma is at the police station, dropping off documents for her father who's held up with the arrest of Mark Zibosky and his gang. As he handles some urgent business, she bumps into a friendly looking man in handcuffs who calls her "Queen of water". She's confused and he says she has the power to free him, but he doesn’t mean from being arrested. He is led away by the police.   Elsewhere, the detectives from the Elyon case, McTiennan and Medina, are waiting in the office of their colleague, Sylla, who wants to talk to them. They mention he's always out on cases and that he deals in mysterious situations, much like the two of them have experienced. On Sylla’s desk, they find are files on the WITCH girls and McTiennan mentions that Sylla has come across a report from the Green Bay police officers who saw Khor, which mentions the WITCH girls as witnesses; then Sylla saw the reports about the Elyon case and wanted to know more about them. Sylla arrives at that moment and says he’s certain they’re hiding something.

Officer Lair has finished his work and he and Irma will be taking someone else for a ride, the mysterious man she saw earlier, Mr. Jewell. However, unlike what she thought, he was just a prisoner of Zibosky's gang and not an accomplice, who calls himself a fortuneteller. They’ll be taking him to the local homeless shelter.   Irma is nervous but the man feels familiar to her and seems to read her mind. He asks for a pen and as he writes something in a book, she wonders if she could ask him questions, though he says he can’t see too far into the future. He tells her that her friends are in trouble now and that, if she wants to help herself, she must first help all of them.

At the school, Knickerbocker is scolding the teachers who are having a dispute. There’s an uncovered hour is school time because their computer science teacher is not showing up to work, which no one else wants to take over. Knickerbocker puts Collins in charge of it and promises to find a solution. After the extra history hour, Irma is still reeling and while her powers would have given her an advantage, she couldn’t concentrate. She has revealed a few things to Hay Lin that Mr. Jewel said including a premonition that she's "made a new, close friend" which she assumes to mean Eric.   Finding Cornelia, Irma tries to gently break the news to her that she should take up ice skating as a way to get past her heartbreak over Caleb, but Cornelia takes it the wrong way and storms off. Will arrives next and Irma tries to tell her her prediction, but they see Matt who’s been ignoring Will since her blowup about Mandy, which she understand. They move on to the prediction which was about her father, warning her not to get too attached to him as he’ll just make her suffer. Like Cornelia, Will storms off angry. Only Taranee is left but she ran off after the bell. Irma’s prediction for her involved a secret she’s carrying; she must make a decision and tell the right person.   Taranee is with her mother who scolds her not to tell anyone about something, which Taranee snippily says she didn’t. They argue about the file she found and Taranee accuses her of putting Will’s mother on trial which Teresa defends is her job. The argument escalates until Taranee leaves the car, refusing to stop as she declares to her mother she’s changed. Both women are left depressed but as luck would have it, Taranee runs into Nigel.

At Irma’s house, she speaks to her dad about the concept of fate and he reveals Mr. Jewel has gone missing, which is troubling because Zibosky is also out on bail. Irma’s mom comes in, saying Jewel just came to the door and while Irma’s dad rushes out to find him, the two women argue over it, Irma snaps about her not being her real mom and Anne breaks into tears, running to the bedroom. Irma finds her as she gazes on her wedding photo which includes Irma and Chris, revealing Anne is Irma's stepmother. Irma apologizes and they reconcile while Anne reveals that Jewel actually wanted to see Irma, having left her a book.   The WITCH group meets and Irma explains about Jewel but also shows them his book, which is about aquatic mythical creatures, including ones called Water Shadows. Meanwhile, Knickerbocker has hired the replacement for the computer science professor, Ralph Sylla.   At school the next day, Sylla is a hit; the girls think he’s handsome and the boys like his motorcycle. But Cornelia and Will aren’t impressed as he keeps glancing their way while they try to research Water Shadows. Sylla then pops up and, hearing their search, gives them a list of websites to check out about these "sea monsters" while admitting legends hold some truths and that mysteries are his hobbies.   Meeting the others, the girls explain what they found. Water Shadows are being with magical powers and compared to elemental spirits, like the girls, but with bodies made of their elements. As such, Water Shadows blend in well with their water. They often go unseen by fishermen, but are said to resemble the shadowy outlines of humans. Cornelia doesn’t believe Earth could have magical creatures, but Irma points out their own existence. They also find a return slip to the library the book came from and go to investigate.   The librarian won’t give up the name of the person who last checked it out, but the girs distract her while they learn the borrower was Benjamin Crane, also getting his address. Cornelia senses something amiss and as she hustles the group into leaving, Sylla is revealed to be tailing them.

The girls head to the address which is a rundown place by the docks. They knock and when greeted by a man who says he's Crane, Irma knocks him out, having recognized him as a thug caught by the police the other day. Irma runs in and finds someone who looks like Jewel held captive but when she releases him, his name is actually Benjamin Crane.

Mr. Crane is just a simple fisherman but months ago, out at sea, his boat was wrecked and he fell into the water. He was saved by magical water and when it brought him to shore, it took on his appearance. From there, "Jewel" became his dear friend and with his predictive powers, helped Benjamin improve his fishing like never before, only wanting to see him happy. But when Mark Zibosky noticed his good luck, he captured Benjamin and held him hostage, blackmailing Jewel for predictions he uses for betting in exchange for "his brother's" life.

Cornelia finds it all unbelievable but Crane says he did research on Water Shadows, checking out books from the library and learning they have clairvoyance and are shapeshifters. But once they take on human appearance, they can never go back to her previous forms. Irma now understand what Jewel wanted from her, to help turn him back to his original form. Will believes her story and, going from what they learned from Crane, they head to the lighthouse where the two met using tele-transportation. Sylla, who was waiting for them, is left behind.

At the lighthouse, Jewel has already been cornered by Zibosky's thugs, but the guardians come to assist him. Zibosky is startled by their appearance and falls from the lighthouse, dragging Jewel over the edge with him. Irma saves Zibosky and with her magic, transforms Jewel back to his water form as he disappears into the ocean.

Days following, Irma sits at the lighthouse where Hay Lin finds her to say how Zibosky was arrested with Crane's testimony. Irma's been thinking about how useful Jewel's predictions were for Cornelia (who does consider skating again, with hope she an move on from Caleb) and Taranee (who sees her mom changed her mind, now wishing to help Susan, not knowing she's being photographed by somebody in eh shadows. Will is still skeptic of what Irma said since she won't believe her dad would betray her while she's still upset about Matt. Irma reveals to Hay Lin what Jewel predicted for herself; that she doesn’t attach to people easily but when her true love arrives, Jewel will tell her personally. After all, she can still hear his voice, as it's the voice of the sea.

Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds
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