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The Ultimate Blackmail is the second issue of Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds, and the twenty-sixth overall issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


Will had more serious problems of her own: Matt continued to ignore her while her dad, Thomas Vandom's, real reason behind reemergence was revealed! He tried to blackmail Susan (Will's mom) in exchange for a huge amount of money. The girls were now more determined to find out the truth about Thomas and his past, so Will and Taranee visited Kadma to find more about Thomas and to ask for help.


On a new day at Sheffield Institute, Matt was still avoiding Will who wanted to apologize for accusing him about Mandy. Plus, her mom was still upset about her dad's return and Will suspected more at work than she'd been told. On the brand-new PA system, Principal Knickerbocker informed the students of the big student exchange where the students with good enough grades get to spend time at the prestigious Redstone Academy. The W.I.T.C.H. girls made a comment about Uriah never getting in while the new PA system exploded to Knickerbocker's annoyance.

Thomas Vandom met with his private detective, Harvey Slimerick, who had pictures of Judge Theresa Cook with Susan Vandom. The detective saw it as a chance to blackmail the judge, but Thomas read the signs that the two were preparing a legal fight against him so he had to make his next move wisely.

At the pool, Mandy thanked Will for her advice in juggling her divorcing parents. Will made a comment about treasuring people while you have them, and Mandy saw she was talking about Matt. She offered her own advice to give Matt time and he'd get over whatever it was they were arguing about, then talk to her again. Thomas arrived to give Will a ride home and while it started nice, the topic came up of Will being asked if she loves her dad or her mom more. She snapped at the stupidity of the question and ditched the car, now seeing that her father didn't want to rejoin their family. At home, Will's mom showed her the letter of the custody battle for her and Will was outraged at how she'd been tricked into thinking Thomas loved her when he was just trying to hurt Susan. Her mom swore they wouldn't be separated.

At school, everyone was given an aptitude test to see who was best suited to go to Redstone Academy. At the same time, Susan called Thomas for a face-to-face meeting. With the test over, Irma wasn’t hopeful for passing and Uriah approached Hay Lin, still mad about her joke yesterday. The rest of the Guardians joined in but as they couldn’t use their powers here, they run off. After slipping into a closet, they tele-transported out just as Raphael Sylla gave away their position to Uriah. The bully was shocked to find the girls gone and Sylla was likewise amazed.

Will appeared in her bedroom and overheard her mother talking to Thomas. While eavesdropping, Will learned that Thomas was using her to blackmail her mother for money. Susan was disgusted by him and he defended that certain business deals have fallen through. As is, he had blackmail of her with Dean Collins and also with Theresa which could put the judge in jeopardy. Susan said she hadn’t the money for his demands, but he gave her 24 hours to collect his sum or he’d take Will.

Will went to her friends about it and Taranee revealed she already knew about it; she was proud of her mom for standing by a friend even if she hadn't forgiven being slapped. The girls wondered what to do and Hay Lin suggested going to Kadma who would know all about Will's dad. While Will and Taranee left for Fadden Hills, the rest went to destroy those photos but would first need to find the detective.

Kadma explained that Will’s father was a conman who made her mother’s life a misery as he pursued wealth over all things. But even with all she knows, Kadma wouldn’t help them fight Thomas as she wanted to end her connection to the Guardians. Meanwhile, Irma, Cornelia, and Hay Lin snuck into the police office to track down the detective’s living quarters. They broke into his sleezy apartment, but had to flee emptyhanded when he came home.

The 24 hours ended but while everyone braced for Thomas’s strike, Susan got a call from Theresa: Thomas withdrew his custody case. In truth, the sleezy man had been paid off by Kadma to remove himself from the picture and he happily went away with the incriminating photos. Despite what she told the Guardians, Kadma didn’t want to be like the Oracle and do nothing while others suffered.

Everyone was glad for the drama to be over and while Will and her mother readied to go out, her dormouse fled the house and was hit by a car. They rushed it to the pet store but Mr. Olsen, having done all he could, was unable to save it. Will bid goodbye to her beloved pet and was comforted by Matt, ending the tension between them.