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Reflected Lives is the eleventh issue of Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds and the thirty-fifth overall issue in the W.I.T.C.H. comics. It was first released in February 2004.


Escaping Heatherfield to start anew, the GuardiansAstral Drops found themselves in a scary new city with no place to live in and hardly any money! While these girls were busy finding ways to earn cash in Midgale, little did they know that Orube was on a mission to hunt them down.


W.I.T.C.H. were concerned for their safety and felt guilt at using the Astral Drops as servants to help do the girl's chores and homework while they were on missions from Kandrakar or on dates. Orube offered to help track them down and Will gave Orube her cellphone, asking her to call them once she has found the Astral Drops.

The girls transported Orube to Midgale using magic. She appeared in a train at the Midgale Train Station during dawn and accidentally scared a couple of janitors, then escaped from the train compartment she was hiding in. After tracking the Astral Drops for a while, Orube wondered where they could be as she saw that Midgale is a city bigger than Heatherfield and the people who live there are afraid (there are more bars on the windows and security measures). She worried that she was late in rescuing the Drops from any dangers that the city has.

Meanwhile, the Astral Drops stayed overnight in a shed. Irma and Hay Lin's Astral Drop were already awake. Irma began to wonder how they would survive with very little money and what their identity is. She felt that the further she got away from the real Irma, the more different she felt.

Will's Astral Drop woke up along with the others and they headed out to explore Midgale, handing the tools in the tools shed to the man who works in the park on their way out, who was surprised to find them there. During this time, the real Will woke up and looked at Heatherfield, thinking that the city was boring and predictable, while her Astral Drop wondered at the mystery and adventure awaiting in Midgale.

The real Hay Lin also woke up in Heatherfield, only to find out that she slept in and was late for school. As she hurriedly got herself ready, her Astral Drop took her time wading through a pool of water in the park. The Astral Drop had plenty of time to explore Midgale while Hay Lin was running out of time to get to school.

The drops reached the busiest part of Midgale. They were surprised by its size and life and Irma's double commented that it "Looks like a wealthy place where people have nice lives". Will's Astral Drop told them that they were almost out of money and the girls decided to go and find some food. Taranee's Drop asked what they will do when they run out of money completely and Irma responded that they will "think of something".

Irma's Drop has bought some food and was in a better mood, while the real Irma Lair woke up in Heatherfield and was in a bad mood because she had to go school. The Drop "thinks she's is living in a dream" while the real Irma was "still dreaming" from waking up.

Irma's double began to appreciate Midgale and was exited while the real Irma Lair was having a hard time getting out of the bathroom in the morning.

The Drops finished eating and wondered what to do. Cornelia's Drop stated that she needs to look at herself in a mirror. Hay Lin joked that she "better not" and this set Cornelia's Drop into a frenzy. She headed off with the other Drops in tow, wondering where they were headed and Cornelia's double said that she was going to the only "familiar place in this unfamiliar city", being the Reed Rose mall. This one is far larger than the one in Heatherfield and the girls marvelled at it.

Taranee's Drop became apprehensive and told the others that they were all being reckless. When Will's drop asked Taranee what was wrong, Taranee's double responded that they "have to get as far away from here as we possibly can. Now!" and that "Heatherfield is still too close".

Meanwhile, the real Taranee was in Sheffield Institute while her Astral Drop was sensing that time was running out. They both had a sinking feeling in their guts. The Astral Drop realised that it "may be impossible to truly escape yourself" and the real Taranee's tried to avoid her boyfriend, Nigel, even though she knew that this wouldn't "get her anywhere".

The real Cornelia saw Taranee running away from something and asked her to wait. Taranee kept on running and Cornelia followed and accidentally bumped into Taranee's brother, Peter, who she had a crush on. At the same time in Migdale, Cornelia's Astral Drop noticed a boy looking at her and both Cornelias blushed at the same moment. The real Cornelia took a moment to think about her crush on Peter while her Drop avoided the stranger's gaze.

Spike Morrell, a former security guard at Harold Hale's bank who held a grudge towards Harold as he blamed him for his lost job, noticed Cornelia's Astal Drop and recognised her as Harold Hale's daughter.

Irma and Hay Lin's Astral Drops ran to Cornelia's, excited as they had found a way to make money. The costume department has having a fashion show but were missing a model. When the lady casting the show saw Cornelia's Astral Drop, she declared her "perfect" except for her hair, which was too long.

Meanwhile, Orube found the park where the Astral Drops slept and the worker who they gave tools to. Orube attacked the man to get information about the Drops from him.

in the mall, Cornelia's Astral Drop, now with bobbed hair, walked the catwalk and admired her new hair while Taranee's Astral Drop continued to worry about attracting too much attention. Cornelia's Drop went to find the boy who looked at her earlier and Taranee's followed her, but instead of a cute boy, the girls found Spike Morrell, pretending to be a mall security guard.

Orube found Reed Rose mall and spoke to a shop assistant for information.

Meanwhile, Irma and Hay Lin's Drops were grumpy as they didn't receive any money from Cornelia's Drop's modelling as her parents didn't sign a contract. Will's Drop retuned to them and said that she couldn't find the others and didn't know what to do. Hay Lin's Drop became upset at this and ran off, which Will's Drop speculated was because she expected her to be a leader like the real Will.

Orube continued her way through the mall. She spoke to the same shop assistant and ripped a security camera from the wall and fought security guards. She eventually heard a noise from the basement and demanded directions.

Spike Morrell had lead Cornelia and Taranee's Astral Drops to his car in the basement and forced them in. The Drops yelled, which Orube heard. Orube arrived in the basement just as Spike's car drove away. Orube ran after the car and managed to jump onto the car's bonnet but Spike turned a sharp corner and shook her off.

As Spike approached the main road, Cornelia and Taranee's Astral Drops noticed the other Astral Drops by the side of the road and yelled after them. They noticed and Will's Astral Drop ran after the car but tripped. Orube caught up with the free Drops and took them away from the mall as the chaos has attracted sirens.

Spike Morrell, who had Cornelia and Taranee's Astral Drops in a hotel room or apartment building, phoned the Hale household, where Cornelia picked it up. Spike told her that he had captured Cornelia.

Will's Astral Drop, after a visit to the ER, had her arm in a sling. She asked Orube if she was going to "take [them] back to [their] masters?", which Orube said she would. Hay Lin's Drop asked if she cared about their reasons for running away and Irma's Astral Drop convinced her to listen. The Drops explained that they had realised they were people, felt used and wanted to live.

One of the security guards from the mall noticed Orube so she was forced to run and hide and left the Astral Drops alone.

Cornelia and Taranee's Astral Drops sat alone with Spike in the next room. Cornelia's Astral Drop looked at herself in the broken mirror and Taranee's Astral Drop picked up shard of broken glass with a sharp edge which they used to cut the rope binding their wrists.

Outside, police knocked down the door and arrested Spike Morrell as they saw what he had done on security cameras and tracked his licence plates. The men expected to find the girls in the next room but did not as they had climbed out of the window and were creeping along a ledge. Cornelia's Astral Drop slipped but Taranee's caught her. Struggling to support both girls, Taranee also slipped but both girls were caught by a gust of air from the real Hay Lin.

Will had asked the Hale's phone to find out where the call claiming to have Cornelia hostage was from so the Guardians managed to find the two Astral Drops. While trying to work out where the call came from, the Heart of Kandrakar shone with a summons from the Oracle, but the girls ignored it.

Will phoned Orube and asked about the other Astral Drops, which Orube said she had found, but then lost again. The other three Astral Drops got onto a bus, which Orube spotted.