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Only a Flower is the second issue in Arc 6: Ragorlang, and the sixty-fifth overall issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


Hay Lin contacted Yan Lin through the magical portal but their communication was suddenly interrupted! The W.I.T.C.H. girls found out that the Gloomidians kidnapped Yan Lin and threw themselves into the portal which led to their strange world. They found out that Yan Lin was their "bringer of joy" and that they wanted her to stay there forever. But with just a little help from the W.I.T.C.H. girls' magic, the Gloomidians managed to find their way back to happiness on their own.


On a beach day to Three Pines, Cornelia dragged Irma along to spy on Peter. Irma wasn’t impressed by her obsession and as the two dissolved into bickering, they were caught by Peter to Cornelia’s mortification. They went back to Joel and Will, with Joel starting up a water fight and then surfing race with Irma. Cornelia enjoyed riding on the back of Peter’s windsurfer and though she was knocked off by a wave, Irma helped her impress her crush with her “swimming skills”.

Meanwhile, Hay Lin and Taranee were decorating their new base in Ye Olde Bookshop with a little help from We. Hay Lin also wanted to contact Yan Lin with a surprised, but couldn’t figure out how to use their new portal. They played around with it a bit, being bombarded by images of We’s people, Tecla Ibsen, and even the Oracle in his bath before they finally found Yan Lin.

Peter dropped off Irma and was taking Cornelia home in his car, both wondering about their unspoken feelings to the other. Just as they arrived to the Hale’s address, their car was hit from behind by an absentminded old man which pushed them into the limo in front of them. This limo belonged to Grandmother Hale who, ignoring all the evidence, put sole blame for the accident on Peter. She continued to badmouth the boy to Cornelia's parents which drove the earth Guardian insane, especially after hearing her grandmother would be staying with them for a while.

Hay Lin eagerly showed her grandma the picture she’d drawn of them both, but in the middle of their conversation, something happened to Yan Lin and their connection was cut. When Hay Lin tried to find her grandmother again, the mirror only showed images of things they feared. The Guardians reconvened, going to Kandrakar for answers. In the room where Yan Lin disappeared, Irma had a vision of a masked face which the Oracle identified as the Singyu, a dangerous force. The girls returned to the bookstore and used the portal again to travel to the Singyu planet where they were aghast by the horrible landscape. While Hay Lin flew above, the rest trekked through the mud and gross looking flowers. In the middle of this, all but Hay Lin were struck with an intense hopelessness, insisting they’d never find Yan Lin which outraged Hay Lin.

On the same planet, Yan Lin was being held captive by the Singyu who called her "The Bringer". Seeing the Guardians, they went to them and attacked with a swirl of mud while the four continued to proclaim all was hopeless. Hay Lin, refusing to give up, used her air power to save her friends and send the Singyu running. Now alone, she questioned the others’ behaviors and realized a connected to the weird flowers. She convinced Cornelia to use her powers on them and they transformed, allowing the girls to feel hope again.

With renewed strength, they teleported to Yan Lin's location and though they were ready to take the women back, she declared she would be staying of her own free will. The Singyu explained why they took her: they were a people of imagination who had suddenly lost all their good thoughts which transformed their world to this state. For them, Yan Lin would be the savior to bring them wisdom and hope. Hay Lin was depressed, but ready to accept her grandmother’s mission until Cornelia reminded them of the weird flowers. W.I.T.C.H. used their powers to remove the plants but even with the flowers neutralized, the Singyu remained trapped in negativity. Yan Lin encouraged them to put work into being happy, staying positive instead of gloomy and using the power of a smile. By taking her advice, the Singyu broke through their dark thoughts and turned their world into a bright and colorful place once again.

W.I.T.C.H. and Yan Lin returned to their own homes with the Lins happy, they could see each other everyday thanks to the magic portal. Once Yan Lin signed off properly, Will reminded the others of the exchange students Sheffield Institute would be hosting soon while Cornelia lamented the upcoming days dealing with her grandmother. Irma reminded her of their recent adventure and the power of staying positive.

Cornelia tried to follow this advice, smiling even as she suffered her grandmother badmouthing the boy she liked. At that moment, they received a sudden flower delivery, sent by Peter with an elegantly written apology note that perfectly denounced all of Grandmother Hale’s criticisms. As the older woman was left flabbergasted, a smug Elizabeth told Cornelia to call Peter and thank him, which she was happy to do.