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Reflected Memories is the third issue in Arc 6: Ragorlang, and the sixty-sixth overall issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


Irma fought with her mother and in the heat of the moment, lashed out at Anna for not being her "real" mom and accusing her of forcing her way into the family. Upset from this, Irma found the letters Anna wrote years ago and finally learned the story of how Anna and Tom met and fell in love.


Sheffield Institute had its yearly physical exams, though as Hay Lin told her friends, their new optometrist was a creepy guy who gave her bad feelings. The girls were begrudgingly dragged back to their classes where Irma failed to give the right answers, leaving her depressed. This mood only worsened when she arrived home and was scolded by her mother. Upset by it all, Irma lashed out at Anna, declaring she was not her real mother and was instead an “invader” to Irma’s family. Irma ran away in tears, leaving a heartbroken Anna behind.

Will had her own family issues in learning to cope with having Dean in the house. Locked out of the bathroom, she went over her list of the many ways they had to adjust to each other and share their space as well as Will's mother. Susan noticed her daughter’s concerns and did her part to draw Dean out of the bathroom so Will could have her turn. Dean admitted that he was adjusting to no longer living alone while Will recognized life would be different but also kind of fun.

Irma wandered into her attic and there, found letters Anne had written to Tom while they were dating. Meanwhile, Anna also remembered that fateful meeting which led her to this point.

Years ago, Anna had lived with her friends, the Greene twins, in the town of Rewarm Lake. Officer Lair came to their house after mistaking their residence for one to be raided, busting down the door. The misunderstanding was cleared up soon and Tom left in embarrassment, though soon returned to repair the door he broke. Over time, Tom continued to come back and while the Greene twins happily put him to work fixing their belongings, he was building a relationship with Anna. As time went on, Anna would ask to spend more time with him, but he never did which made her wonder what kept him going to Heatherfield. Eventually she learned the truth: he was a widower with a very young daughter, Irma.

The other W.I.T.C.H. girls met up a Ye Olde Bookshop to discuss a plan to help Irma with her schoolwork. Hay Lin arrived late and informed them of troubling news: she had seen Tecla Ibsen in Heatherfield and believed the woman was stalking her. The other girls brushed it off as hallucinations of paranoia, then went to the big meeting with the new foreign exchange students.

Back to Anna's past, the woman began to dream about meeting Irma and shared these hopes to the lake she loved to sit beside. Anna’s friends had seen her sadness and promised her that, no matter what the future may bring, they would return to the lake someday to meet again.

In the present, Irma regretted what she said to her mom while Anna regretted never keeping her promise to see her friends, having all split up since that time. Tom arrived home and after comforting Anna, went to see Irma who also cried over the hurtful things she said. He told his daughter that one must be careful with words because they can hurt but guilt could be relieved by apologizing. Stepmother and stepdaughter made up.

Sometime later, Hay Lin helped Irma with homework as they sat by the bay, but Irma was distracted. When Hay Lin mentioned that the Heatherfield Bay shared water with Rewarm Lake, Irma got an idea of how to find her mom's friends. She organized a family trip to Rewarm Lake and finally fulfilled Anna’s wish to share it with the girl. But Anna got another surprise as the Greene twins arrived to join them, having been called by Irma. They gleefully picked up their old games of tormenting Tom though Anna told Irma he had missed them as much as she did. She was grateful to see them again.

The next day, W.I.T.C.H. congratulated Irma but wondered about themselves, if one day they would go their separate ways. So they too made a pact that no matter what, they would return to Heatherfield and reunite.