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On Your Side is the fourth issue in Arc 6: Ragorlang, and the sixty-seventh overall issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


Sheffield Institute began hosting exchange students and Irma was paired with Erin Peyton. However, Erin was a spy sent by Tecla Ibsen to control Irma's mind, separate her from the other Guardians, and help Tecla defeat her enemies. W.I.T.C.H. realized that Erin had been tricked into thinking they were the villains who attacked her home and only after helping her find her lost brother did they bring their two new friends to their side.


A frantic Irma ran to Sheffield Institute, incredibly late on a very important day. Unknown to her, Karl Ibsen saw her and reported to Tecla that their plan would begin soon. He hoped that when this is all over, she would return to how she used to be.

At Sheffield, the exchange students have arrived and would be going to their host homes. One girl, Erin Peyton, was assigned to Irma but as she was running late, Erin was forced to sit with the Bess and Courtney Grumper for a time. The Grumpers tried to tell her of how Irma was a terrible person but Erin deflected their scheme by playing a prank on them. Irma finally arrived and as Hay Lin gave a hand to dry her soggy appearance, Erin identified the girls as "targets" who she had orders to "split up".

W.I.T.C.H. introduced themselves and Erin played nice, but behind her back she activated her magic which forced Taranee to insult Cornelia. It happened again from Will and Cornelia, getting enough, stormed off with the other Guardians confused by what they said. Irma showed Erin towards class with promises to lend her clothes for the big party that night. Will and Taranee (prompted by Erin) made more snide comments towards Irma's fashion and made her angry, too.

That night at the party, Will apologized to Cornelia and the two made up. However, Hay Lin stormed out after being nonstop insulted by Irma. Will was sad to see Joel had taken over Matt's singer spot with Cobalt Blue while Taranee and Sheila mentioned how Irma was verbally attacking everyone.

Over with Irma, she was having a great time with Erin as they worked together to stop Uriah from bullying the exchange students. Cornelia tried to talk to Irma but only received more insults (thanks to Erin) and a shower of soda all over her dress. Furious, Cornelia dissolved her friendship with Irma and left the party, followed by Will.

Irma and Erin returned to the Lair home where they spent time with the Lairs and Erin struggled to retain her animosity. That night, Erin watched Irma and Chris and admitted to the water Guardian that she once had a brother of her own. Irma could tell by her sad look that tragedy had befallen her, doing her best to comfort the other girl who forced herself to stay mad.

Flashback to some time ago, Erin sat before Tecla who gave her the job of breaking up W.I.T.C.H. by bringing Irma to her side. As the water Guardian slept, Erin cast a spell over her to have them share Erin’s thoughts. She contemplated attacking Irma now but decided against it since she wouldn't be able to take out the others. Erin pondered how nice Irma had been, but declared she would not be fooled.

The next morning as Sheffield students readied for a field trip, Irma’s friends noticed her distance from them. Will began to suspect Erin might be bad news and when Hay Lin tried to question the new girl, she was threatened by Erin to stay away or she’d reveal the secret of W.I.T.C.H. having magic. She finally revealed her resentment of the Guardians, claiming they attacked her village. Hay Lin took this info back to the others who decided, despite what Erin said, to keep an eye on her.

Irma tried to fight Erin's control but was overpowered by the exchange student’s mind, letting Erin’s thoughts erase her own. Hay Lin worried that the Guardians might have caused an accident without meaning to and Taranee used her telepathy to reach out to Irma’s mind, trying to warn her. Instead, she picked up on Erin’s thoughts and through her memories, witnessed as her village was attacked by Ragorlangs, ripping Erin away from a boy, Kader, who was lost in a portal. Prying harder, Taranee also saw Tecla telling Erin lies about the Guardians and blaming them for everything.

At the Heatherfield Theatre, the girls tried to verbally warn Irma, but discovered Erin now had control of her mind and turned her into a puppet while believing W.I.T.C.H. destroyed her village. Hay Lin was frightened at the idea of Tecla coming back to get them, though Will felt pity to Erin who had suffered something worse. They decided to wait until after the theatre to confront Erin, having no real desire to hurt her but also worried about what would happen to Irma.

During the performance, Erin summoned Cornelia to find her in a dressing room, ready to take control of her too. Cornelia tried to fight back, but Erin blocked her powers to leave her weak. Erin asked about the Ragorlang monster she thought W.I.T.C.H. could summon but the other Guardians arrived, declaring they were not behind the monsters. They bound Erin’s hands to restrict her magic and the girl declared them villains who took her brother away while Tecla saved her life. To prove Tecla lied, Hay Lin described the feelings of being attacked by a Ragorlang and Erin, who also felt that way during the invasion of her island, began to doubt herself.

Hesitant, she agreed to let W.I.T.C.H. use the Heart of Kandrakar to poke through her memories but kept Irma as a hostage in case they were lying. They saw the attack with Tecla behind it and saw when Kader was taken way, but stopped the search when a furious Principal Knickerbocker found them. Erin did W.I.T.C.H. a favor by deflecting Knickerbocker’s anger to the Grumpers instead, which Hay Lin took as a sign she was willing to hear them out.

As the fieldtrip came to an end, Karl arrived in his disguise as "Mr. Ritter", hoping to find Erin with W.I.T.C.H. as her prisoners. He saw her leaving with the girls instead and, suspected she hadn’t done her task.

The Guardians took Erin to Ye Olde Bookshop and showed her the magic portal which could follow thought and emotions. Pulling together, Hay Lin overcame her fear and they found Erin's brother who dazzled the Guardians with his beauty. Overjoyed, Erin freed Irma and begged her forgiveness, though the girl was more concerned about “the hunk” in the portal window. The brother burst through the portal and the siblings reunited. Kader explained to have been searching for his sister for a long time; he helped their people escape Tecla’s attack using a secret passage but Erin was the only one he couldn’t find.

Erin gave credit to W.I.T.C.H. and Irma was eager to flirt with Kader, who responded in kind. However, Erin declared she would be staying in Heatherfield to fight the Ragorlang as she owed a debt of honor to her new friends. Kader also agreed to help fight, though he would be staying in the Bookshop with We to avoid infighting among the Guardians.

Tecla sat in her base, bemoaning her little power and inability to summon a Ragorlang until she took energy from W.I.T.C.H. Karl arrived with his news of Erin’s betrayal and while he tried to comfort his wife that they could figure things out together laughed off his sentimentality.

Kader walked his sister to the Lair home, bidding one another goodnight while happy they could see each other in the morning. The boy returned to the bookshop and considered that Heatherfield seemed like a peaceful place. Elsewhere, someone suspicious gazed over photos of Hay Lin’s eyes, searching for something.