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The Green Flash is the ninth issue in Arc 6: Ragorlang, and the seventy-second overall issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


Due to a mistake made by We, Kandrakar's magic was reflected onto Heatherfield granting everyone their wishes. W.I.T.C.H. tried to keep the situation under control.


Both Kandrakar and Heatherfield were preparing for an important event: the Congregation was getting ready for the Cleansing Ceremony, a periodic ritual that isolates the Center of Infinity from the rest of the worlds, while on Earth all the citizens were waiting for an eclipse expected at sunset. Yan Lin warned her granddaughter that, due to the ceremony, they could not contact the Oracle or use their portal for a day.

Meanwhile, the girls were taken by some personal troubles: Cornelia was jealous of Peter and a new friend of his, Rachel; Taranee had a boy who wanted to ask her out, but she did not want to; Will had some issues with Collins because he denied her permission to buy a pullover she loved; Hay Lin instead had to handle We's jealousy, because she had little time to play with him. At sunset, both events started: the Oracle and the others set their magic free and the whole Heatherfield was on the shore witnessing the eclipse, along with an unexpected "green ray" effect, something they thought it was an optical effect of the sky: instead it was We, who wanted "revenge" for being left behind by Hay Lin and opened the portal just as a prank. The Oracle closed the portal immediately, but a portion of Kandrakar's magic managed to pass and reversed on the eclipse's spectators, each with their own desires, issues and wishes.

Next day, Will awakened to find out her mother decided to take a day off without any warning; finding it weird, but not giving the thing much thought, she went to school, and she unexpectedly called Collins "daddy", something she did not understand. Taranee too saw Cornelia and Peter behave strangely and discovered school was closed due to a flu that caught both teacher and students. Strange behaviours of the people continued, culminating in Cornelia accidentally transforming Rachel into a rat. Reuniting at the book shop, the girls, minus Irma, discussed the events, until Hay Lin left to bring We to the park; at one point, Will wished for Irma to come, and Irma suddenly appeared, still asleep. The four discovered that for some unexpected reason the whole city gained the ability to make their wishes reality, but no one realized it, yet they were all happy.

Irma started to take advantage of the situation, but Will realized she accidentally made Collins disappear into nothing with an ill-fated thought that morning, concluding that the situation could become very dangerous. They tried to fix it, but the only wishes they could cancel were their own; at the park, they found out about what We did and their impossibility to use the portal until that afternoon. Soon, Irma disappeared because her father wished to go fishing with her, and Taranee too, finding herself on a date with the same boy she was avoiding.

Put in a corner, Will used the Heart of Kandrakar to absorb all the rogue magic, making all people except for themselves to fall asleep. As soon as they could, the Guardians took the Heart back to the Fortress and the Oracle released the magic, reassuring them that using magic is stressful for normal people, but they would recover and remember nothing. Thanks to what they learnt, Irma decided she would take her father to fish for real, and Will realized that Dean only wanted to be seen as a good parent by her, so she started bonding with him and pleasantly discovered that he denied permission to buy the pullover only because he had already bought it for her and wanted it to be a surprise. Cornelia too, who was already disillusioned about Peter, found herself invited for a date by him, and they started to go out for real.

However, thanks to that green ray, Tecla Ibsen regained her powers and vowed to come back soon.


  • At the end of the story, while she's in school, Will's shirt is short enough to show her belly button; however, once exited, the shirt is longer and covers her belt.