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You're Back to Who You Used to Be is the first issue in Arc 7: New Power and the seventy-fifth issue of the' W.I.T.C.H. comics. It was first released in Italy in June 2007.


As a new evil force was living underground, the W.I.T.C.H. girls noticed they were powerless. The girls visited Jensen Dance Academy for auditions, Peter decided to move out and Will was told to expect a new family member.


A fox was running in a dark forest; it followed a smell inside a cave. Seeds from the Dark Forest were carried by the wind. One of these seeds set roots in Kandrakar, to the Dark Mother's advantage.

Later that night, Dean Collins and Susan Vandom were talking about telling Will something, but they decided to let her sort things out with Matt first.

Back in Kandrakar, the Oracle called for an meeting with all the Monarchs of the Parallel worlds. An invisible threat has been sensed in Kandrakar. To avoid further consequences, the Oracle decided to seal off Kandrakar. After the meeting he visited Nayla, the Custodian, to free the elements.

The same night, Matt stole the girls' powers, while repeating the same sentence; "You're back to who you used to be.". When Cornelia woke up, she noticed that her flowers have all died. She tried healing them, but was unable to do so. She tried calling W.I.T.C.H. through telepathy, but got no answers. Irma ran over to Cornelia and told her that she couldn't use her powers anymore.

At Taranee's house, Peter had decided to move to college. At Hay Lin's house, Hay Lin didn't recognise that she had lost her powers. Back at Will's place, Susan was about to tell Will the news when Will spotted Matt and ran outside to greet him. Matt quickly turned her down and walked away without explaining anything.

Later at the Ye Olde Bookshop, the girls talked about how they all have lost their powers and about Matt. The scene changed to the fox running deeper into the cave where it found something. Meanwhile, the Oracle sealed off Kandrakar. The girls walked home and Susan was finally able to talk to Will. She told Will that she is pregnant.

Later at Jensen Dance Academy, Kevin Jensen introduced the class to Laura Steedson, their new teacher. Miss Steedson took over the class and gave the girls harsh feedback on how much they have to work to pass the audition.

Deep under Heatherfield, the fox spotted the Dark Mother and her helpers. She spoke of the seed growing in Kandrakar and Kandrakar's plan to stop her. The fox ran out of the cave of fear. The girls pointed at five shooting stars that turned out to be the elements the Oracle freed.






  • Augusto Machetto - concept and script
  • Antonello Dalena - layout, title page art
  • Manuela Razzi - pencils
  • Marina Baggio and Roberta Zanotta - inking
  • Francesco Legramandi - color and light direction, title page colours
  • Andrea Cagol - colours
  • Veronica Di Lisio - editor

Possible mistakes

  • Matt is seen without his goatee on page 20-21 but later appears with a goatee on the next pages in the Yen Press graphic novels.