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All of the Stars is the third issue in Arc 7: New Power and the seventy-seventh overall issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics. It was first released in August 2007.


The girls split up for summer vacation. Irma went on a trip to the beach with Hay Lin and her family, and they got more than they imagined. Will went on a trip with her pregnant mother and her stepdad but they ended up missing their flight and they improvised a way to get to the Coral Sea. Taranee was forced to go to a foreign ski camp all by herself but things brightened up when she met a boy. Cornelia was left at home with her grandmother but she spent most of her time with Peter. What could a good forecast and clear, starry night skies bring to the girls and a certain enemy?


The start of summer

Make a wish!

The streets of Heatherfield were abuzz with people enjoying the start of summer. People of all ages were enjoying ice-cream and the nearby waterpark.

Suzy triumphant.

As people lined up for ice-cream, a boy, named Calvin, chased his girlfriend, Suzy, on his skateboard, with a water balloon in hand. Suzy screamed for him to stop but he sent the balloon flying her way.

Calvin laughed at his apparent victory but quickly noticed that Suzy had sent the water balloon flying back towards him. Knocked off his board and soaked, Calvin asked how Suzy was able to do it. Suzy smiled and smugly joked that she had many secrets beneath her sweet appearance.

As Calvin laid on the ground in defeat, several drops of water entered the earth. Deep below the surface, Dark Mother was in a deep slumber, absorbing every little drop of water she could get. Her servants hoped that she wouldn't stir so soon...

Irma and Hay Lin's week at the beach

People say that when they see a shooting star, right?

Sometimes the wish comes true...

Will's family vacation

And sometimes it doesn't. Because maybe it's not what we really want...

At the Vandom household, Dean paced back and forth, worried about his family missing their flight to the Coral Sea. He quickly pulled out a checklist while he called for the girls to hurry up. Will and her mother teasingly chastised him for rushing them and packing more bags than they did. Not long after, they hopped in their car and drove off towards the airport.

However, after a few miles, their car broke down. Seeing no other way to reach the airport, Dean suggested that they cancel their vacation and get their money back. Not one to give up, Will persuaded Dean and her mother to find another way to the airport. Inspired, Dean flagged down a car to hitchhike.

Upon reaching the airport, they found that their flight check-in was closed. Instead, the trio boarded a small and packed cargo plane that didn't look well built. Susan was the most upset about the situation as she hadn't eaten in two hours. Once the plane landed they ended up in a desolate area and they had to take a taxi to a shore with a boat.

After a day out on rocky waters, the three of them ended up at a rundown train station, in an unknown area with no cell reception. Luckily, a kind woman named Maisha invited them to stay in her house. Dean and Susan were astounded by the style of her house, and said that this was as good as a stay at the Coral Sea. Not as appreciative, Will stormed out the house, with Dean following shortly behind her.

Together, the two looked up at the stars, with Will wishing for a vacation that one would see in a movie. Dean told her that even though she didn't get the vacation she wanted, she should still be appreciative of the fact that the three (and a half) of them were together. She agreed, but she couldn't help but feel disappointed anyways.

Taranee's stay at a camp

Sometimes we're not brave enough to say it...

A depressed Taranee

At the Cook household, Taranee angrily packed her bags for a trip that she did not want to go on. Her mother told her that there was no use in being upset as she had booked the trip several weeks prior. Taranee, frustrated, walked away and began to wish she was with Irma and Hay Lin.

Taranee arrived at the ski camp, Broken Castle, on a bus with her snowboard in one hand and her suitcase in the other. As she approached the camp, she noted that the camp looked like a really ugly school, and tried her best to reassure herself that she'd be back in Heatherfield in no time.

As she entered the main building, she was surrounded by a multitude of kids her age that spoke several different languages. As she was about to sign in, two girls that spoke English started to harass her, making fun of her appearance, her hometown of Sesamo and Heatherfield.

Taranee and Hamza meet.

That night, Taranee, upset about her current situation, snuck out of her dormitory. She ran into the snow without shoes or a jacket, instead using her powers to keep her warm. A boy approached and greeted her from behind, causing her to be startled and fall into the snow (with him following suit as well). Taranee looked to see that it was just another boy from camp.

Embarrassed, Taranee sprung up and introduced herself before helping him. She asked for his name and he replied, in broken English, that it was Hamza. Taranee noticed the language barrier between them but said it didn't matter and smiled at him.

Just then, a supervisor noticed the pair. Taranee and Hamza made a dash for it and hid behind a cabin. As the two laughed, they decided to call it a night before they got into any real trouble.

A few days passed by without Taranee meeting up with Hamza. Taranee knew that if she didn't get to see him before she left the camp, she would never get to see him again. As she thought about it, she got ready to go downhill on her snowboard. However, the two girls from earlier approached her and started to harass her again.

Taranee's bullies.

The two bullies pushed Taranee to the ground and laughed. Taranee was about to set their uniforms on fire using her powers when Hamza came to her rescue on his board, by throwing snow onto the two girls.

Not wanting to get into trouble, Taranee grabbed Hamza's hand and they jetted off to a more secluded place, with the two bullies behind them. Using her powers, Taranee melted the snow beneath the girls’ feet, causing them to trip and fall into a large snow bank. Before returning to the lodge, the bullies swore revenge against Taranee.

Sitting on a fallen tree, Taranee and Hamza laughed at the bullies' misfortune. As they did, Hamza placed his hand on Taranee's face, causing her to blush. Taranee began to imagine all the moments that the two could share if he was with her in Heatherfield. However, she knew it could it never happen and she accepted that this would be the last time she would see him.

Later, the two bullies snuck a large bucket of snow into their dormitory to place in Taranee's bed. Unfortunately for them, Taranee was waiting for them. The girls did their best to intimidate her but Taranee didn't back down and melted the snow with her powers, causing the bullies to give up.

Dancing the night away.

Later that night, Taranee and Hamza, hand in hand, attended the farewell party together. As she walked to the dance hall, Taranee thought about telling her friends about everything that happened to her during that week and how sad it would be for her never to see Hamza again, even though she only knew him for a short while.

She also thought about wishing for Hamza to move to Heatherfield, something that she knew was impossible. However, because she didn't have the courage to wish for something like that, she decided to allow things to stay the same since she would have wonderful memories to remember him by.

Cornelia: Home alone with Grandma

Sometimes just one wish isn't enough.


Possible mistakes

  • The numbers on Peter's shirt that he wore during his date with Cornelia change every few panels. The numbers change between 02, 12, & 82.



I'm gonna transform and go back in time and use all my powers and...

—Will, contemplating her ruined vacation


I'm sorry, Will, but you gotta to accept that sometimes wishes don't come true... It happens... maybe because it's just not the right time...


Okay, appreciate it when things go well and deal wit it when they go wrong... I know it's only a holiday... but...                

Irma & Hay Lin's

Hay Lin:

C-cake fight?


Pinch me Hay Hay! I'm dreaming! Actually, don't do it. Gimme a cake!                

—Hay Lin and Irma on the food fight with cakes

It's never enough, and until it's over, you don't even realize how lucky you've been!

—Hay Lin, on the end of their vacation


How come we have to run away every time we meet?

—Taranee to Hamza

Brunette bully:

Bad move! You're alone. Your little boyfriend isn't here to protect you!

Blonde bully:

Yeah! It won't be long before you start crying!


I don't need anyone to protect me.               

If I was brave enough, here, under these star shaped lights... I'd make an impossible wish! But right now, I'm not that brave, and that's okay... because I get to keep this wonderful memory!




Let's do our best, to look ugly, okay?


Hey, I'm never going to look ugly!                

—Peter, taking pictures with Cornelia

There's one thing that scares me, though, and I don't know how to face it... The fear that it might all end.

—Cornelia, on her relationship with Peter

I wish... that everything will go well for us! That it will be love forever! I wish time would stand still! Too many wishes, right, W.I.T.C.H.?

—Cornelia, on her relationship with Peter



C'mon! Just a photo so we remember today...


Forget it! Have you seen my hair? I don't think I want to remember this moment!


That's exactly why we should remember it... C'mon...               

A shooting star? I wish, I wish...

—Dark Mother, with a sinister smile


  • Will was the most excited and optimistic about her vacation, but she ended up as the most disappointed one by the end.
  • Each of the girls' stories seem to contrast each other in some way. For example, Irma and Hay Lin's extraordinary vacation contrasts Will's awry family retreat, while Cornelia's entire week with Peter contrasts Taranee's few moments with Hamza.
  • Taranee was the only one to actually use her powers in this issue. The way she does in one scene is very reminiscent of Queen Elsa from Frozen in terms of her not being bothered by the cold.
  • During the food fight, Craig broke the fourth wall, asking the reader "Why's your face clean?" before throwing a pie in their direction.