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Cold Magic is the first issue of Arc 8: Teach 2b W.I.T.C.H. and the eighty-seventh overall issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


On Hay Lin's first day as a babysitter, by chance, she babysat a magical boy! The W.I.T.C.H. girls turned to Kandrakar for answers, and the new Oracle, Yan Lin, said they were ready as Guardians and developed within their powers to share their knowledge with others and teach magic to the next generation. Meanwhile, the leader of Takeshita Inc, Mr. Takeda, seemed to know about the W.I.T.C.H. girls and wanted to eliminate all magic as revenge for his daughter's current condition.


Matt tried his hardest to study while Will decided to dance with him. Meanwhile at the new headquarters of Takeshita Inc, Foreman Takeda presented his newest project focusing on refrigeration.[1]

Hay Lin started her new job as a babysitter. She visited Sondra, a naughty girl and had a short interaction with her spider, Yo-yo and her frog, Mudeleine. On her second visit she met the shy boy, Henry. During her visit, Mudeleine jumped out of Hay Lin's bag. Henry laughed at the sight of Hay Lin chasing the frog. Hay Lin tried to stop his train, to not harm the frog, but was unable to. She got confused when she found the train empty of batteries. A few other toys and devices started to move on its own and Hay Lin left the house pondering of what she just witnessed.

Back at Takeshita Inc, the scientists struggled to understand why the machine hadn't shut off at -452˚F (-268.89˚C). Takeda wanted to check the thermometer and sent his co-workers home. He summoned an ice creature through a portal to the another world. They exchanged two items, a container concealing a Naiad and a formula that will unfreeze the ice creature. The ice creature demanded to see Takeda's daughter, Mariko, which Takeda declined. He blamed the creature for Mariko's coma. The creature revealed its love for her and wanted to help Takeda free her. The ice creature revealed that Mariko decided to stay in its world because they fell in love. Takeda eventually revealed Mariko who slumbers in a room full of liquid. Takeda told everyone, who knows Mariko, she is on a secret government mission. He told his plan to erase all magic and avenge his daughter. And had located the five Guardians in Heatherfield.

Hay Lin called the girls to discuss Henry's powers. She took them back to Henry's place and revealed her and the girls magic for him and his mother.

Takeda unleashed the Naiad and sent it to locate the girls.

The girls decided to visit Kandrakar to seek advice from the Oracle about Henry and other magical people. At Kandrakar the girls met Berk, a supreme expert in traditions and ancient customs. He readied the Oracle and dressed up the girls in a more traditional uniform, for the council. After Yan Lin's patience died, because of the strict traditions, she fired him and he was sent to the kitchen. She took the girls to the Green Meadows and they told her about Henry. Together they decided to set up a school where W.I.T.C.H. will teach other magical kids to handle their magical powers. She gave them Kandor, a man who was willing to help them setting up the school.

Takeda got home from work and met his wife, Mia. She complimented their second daughter, Shinobu for her great grades at school. Shinobu stood in the doorway holding her grades, with an angry expression. When Mia asked about Mariko, Takeda informed her that Mariko won't be home, yet. Shinobu was called into the room and asked her father to meet her friends. He ignored her and as she showed him her grades, he got up to take a shower. She ran to her room, angry and frustrated.

The chapter ended with the girls all returning home and the naiad watched as Will slept.





  1. Refrigeration means cooling a space, substance or system to a lower temperature. While the removed heat is rejected at a higher temperature. In other words, refrigeration is artificial (human-made) cooling.