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The Nascent Star is the second issue in Arc 9: 100% W.I.T.C.H. and the hundred-and-first overall issue on the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


The girls planned a special night at the beach for the Perseides meteor shower, but a mysterious light caught their attention. It wasn't a meteor, but a small shining star that once belonged to someone magical. With some help from Kandor, they managed to track down the previous owner who gave up magic because she lost her faith in love.


The Lair Residence was filled by another commotion between Irma Lair and her father Tom, who was clearly voicing his worries about letting his daughter stay outside elsewhere. The Guardian of water was planning to hang out with her friends, and Irma's mother was the only one who could quiet his nervousness down, as they had talked through the trip beforehand.

Meanwhile, at the grocery store, Hay Lin and the siblings, Taranee and Peter Cook, gathered the things they needed. Peter was planning to fill the entire night with music, much to Taranee's disapproval, but it turned out that his younger sister trusted him to not ruin the night, although Taranee also knew that he was planning for something else.

Will and Matt also received the news of "something big" from Peter, and Will expected something romantic, which Matt failed to give to her in the spur of the moment.

In the Heatherfield Observatory, a technician toiling on the equipment needed for the incoming meteor shower witnessed something unusual: a ball of light that moved by itself in an unusual way. Startled by the sight, she eventually dismissed it as a simple light.

The Guardians were then gathered by Kandor in the magical bus; more specifically, under it, where the engine is located. He was concerned about a certain object that tore a hole in the bus and is now disrupting the lumia located inside the bus. Outside the bus, Kandor then explained that it was a Nascent Star, a specific object created when a creature abstains from magic. He had no idea why it appeared, and he had no leads on the owner of the object or the reason that person abstained from magic. According to him, though, if nothing is done, the changes that the unusual object would do to the lumia would affect the bus as well.

Worried about the extent of the damage the Rising Star would further inflict to the magic bus, he decided to leave Heatherfield for the meantime while tasking the girls to trace the origin of the Rising Star.

Later, while Taranee and Hay Lin focused on preparing for their beach night, Will, Cornelia and Irma travelled to the Heatherfield Observatory, where Kandor suspected the Rising Star to originate. Upon their arrival, they met Margaret Hope, one of Professor Lyndon's students and the current caretaker of the observatory after Professor Lyndon lest to travel for his research in astronomy. Margaret then assumed that they were volunteers to help out with her and gave the three their immediate tasks, much to their surprise.

After helping Margaret gather firewood for the furnace, Will, Irma and Cornelia planned on what strategy they would use to accomplish their mission. Kandor reminded them that the direct approach was not viable as formerly magical people would show defensive behavior like taking distance from magic. With Will being the leader, she decided that they needed to gain her trust first, then gather evidence supporting their suspicion on the Rising Star's origins.

On the other hand, Kandor wasn't having a good time with the magic bus; with a cloud of fumes spouting out from the exhaust, he got the attention of the cops, who weren't happy about his pollution.

While in the attic, Will found a diary, though before Will got a chance to look inside, Margaret asked Will not to look through her personal things. Downstairs, Irma and Cornelia asked Margaret if she believed in magic and tried to show her their powers but Margaret only commented on the scieence of the elements. Will snuck back upstairs to look at the diary again.

Meanwhile, Taranee and Hay Lin continued to plan for the party and the back of the school bus chaotically transformed with magic and once again attracted police attention. Will called Kandor on the phone and told him that Margaret gave up magic because of a broken heart years ago. Kandor told Will that a cure to that kind of sadness is almost impossible and decided to try to help Margaret himself.

Will told Irma and Cornelia that helping Margaret was no longer their mission and then tried to tell her that they weren't volunteers sent to help her, but Margaret revealed that she already knew as she never asked for volunteers but lied as she needed help.

Then Kandor, in the school bus, pulled up at the Observatory. Margaret told him that he couldn't park there and Kandor started to argue back and the two began to flirt.

That evening, Will, Irma and Cornelia told Taranee and Hay Lin about the end of their day. The Rising Star chose to leave the lumia and the bus returned to normal. They asked Taranee and Hay Lin where everything for the party was, and Hay Lin revealed it was all in Peter's car, which they couldn't bring as the tires had melted.

Together the girls, Peter, Matt and Stephen watched the meteor shower.