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Another World is the fifth issue of Arc 9: 100% W.I.T.C.H. and the hundred-and-fourth overall issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


The Guardians participated in a competition on Nune-Boreal against the Runics, a powerful team of young wizards, whose intentions seem everything but good. The price of the competition was an artifact that could threaten Kandrakar if it fell into the wrong hands. Fortunately, the artifact was destroyed in the end and there was no winner.


The Oracle Yan Lin summoned the Guardians, explaining to them that a group of wizards, the Runics, wanted to destroy Kandrakar, and they just had found an occasion: the Wand of Narval, an ancient artifact so powerful that it could breach the walls of Kandrakar, was found after a long time and put as the prize of a magical competition held on the world of Nune-Boreal; the mission of the girls was to enter the contest and win the wand before the Runics.

On Nune-Boreal, the W.I.T.C.H. discovered that their existence as custodians of worlds was not kept a secret and their adventures created a great fanbase among the population, while they had to stay undercover due to enemy spies. In the first part of the contest, restricted to those who controlled earth and air. Cornelia and Hay Lin managed to win the key of the chest that held the Wand, but discovered also that the Runics could not only use the elements, but also charged them with seemingly dark energy: Hay Lin was in fact hit by one of these blasts, feeling how, despite being the air element, it was twisted and evil. The second trial saw Irma and Taranee trying to win a tablet containing a clue which could lead to the Wand of Narval, and once again the Runics hit the girls, making them lose the clue in favour of the wizards.

Back in the Neutral Zone, where no magic could be used, a Runic spy informed his leaders of the Guardians and they kidnapped them in order to obtain the key and win more easily, but Will, who was keeping it, was not with the others. Nashter, the leader of the Runics, decided to keep them hidden because, since they were the only two teams still in the competition, if the Guardians did not show up for the finals the Runics would win by default. Luckily, after the five wizards left, Will managed to save her friends thanks to the help of some cosplayers that always supported them.

During the finals, Runics and Guardians decided to collaborate in order to find the Wand of Narval, and they managed to locate it in a cave in which only two people could enter: Will and Nashter went inside, but the young man's recklessness caused him to be captured by a monster and the chest with the Wand fell into a pit of lava; Will decided to save Nashter, losing the artifact. Once outside, the Runics called off the truce, but Nashter held them and granted the Guardians to go away without a fight.

The W.I.T.C.H. girls could finally come back to Earth (after a small celebration party with their fans), where Will still could not clear her mind of Nashter's last words, a promise to see each other again.