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A Father's Heart is the ninth of Arc 9: 100% W.I.T.C.H. and the one hundred-and-eighth issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


The girls shared small stories with each other, about their relationships with their fathers. Tom spying on Irma, Lionel being a not-so-handy stay-at-home dad, Harold treating Cornelia like a real princess and Chen's different obsessions and burning interest in ornithology. But the most surprising thing was that Will found out her stepfather, Dean, was once in a band.


On their way to go to school, the girls tried to guess Will's birthday present for Matt, with her revealing it was a vinyl disc from an old band he loves, the Greensuit; however, she also revealed that Dean found the disc and believed to be something his old friend Johnny lent him, so he gave it back. This episode, and some others, made Will doubt about her relationship with Dean, with the hardest point being he's not her real father and so they struggle to bond.

Irma was quick to reassure her that she too has some problems with her father, like the weird behavior he adopted since she started to date Stephen: this prompted Irma to share some episodes of these "investigations", that her daughter pretended to never notice.

During the school break, W.I.T.C.H. shared a cake brought by Taranee, who told them it was her father's doing. Surprised by this, they listened to the fire Guardian narrating her dad's misadventures as a "house husband", with her helping him and having fun in the meantime.

At that point, the pause ended, but Ms. Knickerbocher came to tell them that Mr. Collins left early and Will and Cornelia could join the other three at the gym. This left Will worried, since the two promised to go home together, and thought about it as another sign of their distance.

During the P. E. lesson, it was Hay Lin's turn to speak about her father, who had a lot of unusual but temporary passions, except for one he shares with her: ornithology at a natural reserve. The only one left was Cornelia, whose father's main quirk is to treat her as a literal princess, with beautiful gifts and curious and sometimes embarrassing behaviors.

When school ended, Cornelia's father was out there, with a bouquet of roses and the limousine, ready to bring her out for shopping. Since Cornelia was visibly nervous, Will accepted Harold's invite to bring her home, a small gesture that managed to be enough for Cornelia to smile again and play along with her dad as his little princess.

Will was finally at home, where some of her worries were finally lifted and found one last surprise: the whole Greensuit collection of records, brought there by Dean, who collected them years before and hoped to repay for the troubles he caused her. However, Dean left one small slip escape, revealing he wasn't just a fan, but a member of the band with the stage name of Cole Dennis, the singer, and his friend Johnny was the guitarist. Will was excited by the discovery, but Dean made her promise no one else would know it, because, despite having been a happy part of his life, it was a closed chapter and he wanted nothing more than to be an ordinary, "boring" teacher and a messy stepfather. Will agreed to keep the secret and hugged him, cheerfully calling him "dad".


  • In this issue Dean and Will had a great deal of bonding time, and started to view their relationship as a strong and close father-and-daughter as opposed to the teacher-student one they had a few years ago when Will learned of her destiny as leader of the Guardians of the Veil.
  • Will mentioned Dean's past as a singer again in Issue 112: First Days.