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Magical Moms is the eleventh issue of Arc 9: 100% W.I.T.C.H. and the hundredth-and-tenth issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


This issue shows that the bond between mother and daughter is extremely strong. The Guardians decided to plan a surprise for their mothers and met up for a surprise party.

Cornelia managed to convince her mom that some things are more important than her work, whilst Taranee and her mom had a fight after Taranee bought a phone without Teresa's permission, however they made up. Susan Collins convinced Will to start helping out around the house even though Matt saw Will with a chef's hat on!

Meanwhile, Hay Lin and her mom spent some quality time together looking at the trousseau Joan collected for Hay Lin. Irma and Anna Lair got a shock when Anna's mom fainted and Irma had to cheer her up.

Furthermore, We's mother appeared and helped Taranee to see the importance of maternal relationships and allowed her to begin repairing hers.

Possible mistakes

  • Joan Lin's kimono is not a proper furisode as it doesn't have the trademark long sleeves. This might have been due to lack of research on the artist's part.


  • This issue received positive reviews due to its realistic portrayal of Mother-Daughter Relationships particularly in regard to Irma and Taranee.[citation needed]
  • This issue was voted as one of the best by Italian fans of the comics (as by this stage English translations weren't being officially released).[citation needed]