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Teamwork is the twelfth issue of Arc 9: 100% W.I.T.C.H. and the hundred-and-eleventh issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


Nashter came to Earth and joined the Sheffield Institute football team. The W.I.T.C.H. girls didn't buy his cover story and decided to find out what was really going on. Their suspicions ended up ruining their progress in the championship. They still managed to end up in the finals, and after some help from Kandor, Will finally came around and gave Nash a fighting chance, which led them to victory.


Tom Lair had been asked by Principal Knicherbocher to train Sheffield Institute's football team, which includes the five W.I.T.C.H., Martin and Uriah's gang. The squad did not seem to have a good start, but the principal announced that a new member would join them: Nashter, the Runics' leader, who masked himself under the alias "Nash" and soon impressed everyone by showing great talent in the game.

After school, the girls revealed themselves to him and confronted the Runic on his reason to come on Earth, and he explained that, due to his failure on Nune-Boreal, his leaders decided to punish him and he fled to the Guardians' home planet, hoping to be safe. Will discussed this revelation with Kandor, who advised her to not speak about it with Matt, in order to not exploit a weakness in case Nashter was not sincere.

The next day, Nash revealed to Will that his talent came from a similar game on his home world, with the main difference that magic is used to play, which caused Will to scold him for his poor sportsmanship. The frequent interactions between Will and Nash did not go unnoticed by Matt, who expressed hostility and jealousy, especially after Will treated him coldly and without explanations. Meanwhile, Tom was visited by Jack McCormick, one of his old teammates when they played football together, who mocked him due to Sheffield's poor performances: Jack, in fact, was the trainer of a rival institute.

Sheffield's next match was a defeat, so Anna showed Irma an old video of Tom and Jack successfully playing together, despite not standing each other, so the girls realized they had to put more teamwork in their efforts, and started winning, albeit Nash still advocated in favour of using magic, something Will resented him for. Surprisingly, Sheffield, albeit with some luck, managed to arrive at the finals, against Jack's institute, and the team trained harder than ever.

Still, Will was not convinced by Nash, so she asked Kandor to watch over him during the final match. In the first half, the Runic was targeted by the opponents' rough play, and Will did not help him, but realized she made a mistake when Kandor confirmed Nash was not using magic and really changed his ways, so the two started playing together and brought the team to victory.

In the end, Will met Matt, to whom Kandor explained everything, and they reconnected, after he admitted he was jealous of them. Meanwhile, in Kandrakar, Kandor and Yan Lin commented what was happening, and the Oracle realized that not only Nashter was not a threat for them, but also that he was starting to feel something for Will.


  • At one point, in order to get ready for the finals, the team reunited at Lair's house and watched "the last football world cup final": from what the characters are commenting, the match can be identified as the 2006 final between France and Italy.