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First Days is the thirteenth issue of Arc 9: 100% W.I.T.C.H. and the hundred-and-twelfth overall issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics. It was first released in July 2010.


Summer began for the W.I.T.C.H. girls, but before they could start their real holiday together, they had some other business to attend to: Will took a linguistic course in France while Irma went horse-back riding; Taranee visited her aunt while Cornelia volunteered at a children's camp; Hay Lin tried to catch up with some studies when she suddenly got some uninvited, rather special guests...


School ended few days before, and the W.I.T.C.H. girls all departed for vacation, except Hay Lin, who had to study to improve her math grades: We was with her, together with his cousin, Boring, named like that because he's always bored. Hay Lin tried to make him enjoy the holidays by turning her bathroom in a makeshift beach, but the attempt had short success.

Irma then phoned Hay Lin and told her that she was attending a horse riding course: after a short talk, Irma tried to ride her mare, Bessy, but the animal started running without control, much to Irma's frustration, stopping only at the fence of a farm, where Bessy cuddled with a stallion. Irma decided to leave them alone and after a while returned to her trainer, much better this time, having bonded with Bessy.

At the Lin's home, Hay Lin received another call, from Cornelia, who was on her way to be a kids' summer camp assistant: she quickly had some troubles adjusting, due to being very different from her usual lifestyle, but putting on a smile she managed to win the kids' hearts, and they won hers, gifting her a lot of drawings and compliments.

Over the phone, Cornelia promised Will to show her those gifts when she would be back from France, where Will was for a French course; however, due to a small mistake, she ended up in a class entirely comprised by elderly students. These curious classmates, in short time, proved to be very kind and funny and Will asked and obtained permission to stay in that class, with good results.

Finally, Taranee went to stay with her Aunt Louisanna, who constantly treated her like a child, much to her annoyance. Luckily, she met Dagobert, the neighbours' nephew, a very pretty boy who seemed to be exactly her type, and with the understanding help of her Uncle Frank she managed to enjoy some time alone with him.

Those early days of summer soon passed, and the girls met again in Heatherfield, sharing their stories and planning their next vacation: a week at the beach all together.


  • Cornelia mentioned to a kid that she loves green, a reference to her Guardian outfit and green being her magic's colour.
  • Will referenced the events of Issue 108: A Father's Heart, where she discovered Dean was in a rock band, when one of her classmates revealed to be a fan of their music.