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A Single Word is the eleventh issue of Arc 10: Ladies vs. W.I.T.C.H. and the hundred-and-twenty-eighth issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


It was going to be a perfect weekend: a romantic cruise with Will, Will's family, Matt and Cornelia. But Matt missed the ship and it began a huge controversy between them both. On the boat she met Nashter. Nashter tried to cheer Will up, and the two came very close. Back in Heatherfield, the fight escalated and Matt finally ended the relationship with Will. Will was devastated...


The Vandom-Collins family was getting ready for a two-days cruise vacation, along with Cornelia and Matt, but Will's boyfriend was busy with his job at a burger shop, so, despite his struggles, missed the ship and could not come with them. This infuriated Will, who argued with him on the phone until the ship was too far from land for having signal. Cornelia and the other W.I.T.C.H. girls, via telepathy, tried to cheer her up, with small success.

That night, at the welcome dinner, Will and Cornelia had a surprise: their waiter was Nashter, who, having left the Runics behind once and for all, found a job on the ship. Noticing how sad Will was, Nash decided to give them a tour of the ship and cheer her up: from a swim at the pool to having steamed ravioli in the engine room, Will managed to smile again, ending with Nash bringing her on top of the cruise to see the stars, something that, she admitted, made her very happy.

When they came back, the other girls were there, but not Matt, who had to work, and could see Will only that evening. The meeting had not the best outcome, with both accusing each other of not having enough time for their relationship, and when Will suddenly mentioned Nash and how he tried to make her having fun, Matt, jealous, broke up with Will on the spot.

Their breakup sent Will on a very dark and depressing period, as she could only think of him and was completely unfocused for school and magic lessons, so the rest of the girls "kidnapped" her for a fun afternoon, with terrible results. At that point, Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin had one last idea: talk with Matt and make the two of them meet, but Cornelia opposed the idea, stating that it had to be Will's decision and that, maybe, the best thing for the couple was to move on; this did not stop Cornelia to make one last approach, go to the Vandom's house and confess to Will how she felt when she herself broke up with Caleb, how broken she was and how she managed to learn that she could love again, also thanks to her friends, and Will too could, if she wanted. At that point, Will admitted that, in her heart, there was a single word: Matt.