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W.I.T.C.H. season 1 episode 1 "It Begins" transcript
Character Dialogue
[grunting and snoring]
Caleb Phobos steals our weapons to use against us. Aldarn's father made this bow.
[heavy thunder]
Castle Guard [yelps]
Aldarn Caleb, that's enough. Get out.
Castle Guard Hey, you!
Caleb Looks like plan B.
[heavy marching, horn sounds]
Aldarn Caleb, behind you!
Caleb Leave the barrels. Go!
Lord Cedric Who did this?
Castle Guard [splutters] A boy. One of the rebels. [moans]
Lord Cedric Find him.
Yan Lin [hums]
Hay Lin A-a-a... [sneezes] ...atchoo!
[loud rumble]
Yan Lin Ah-a.
[loud rumble]
Hay Lin [gasps]
Yan Lin [gasps]
Hay Lin [knock at the door]
Yan Lin Oh.
Hay Lin Grandma? I sneezed and I totally trashed my room. What's wrong with me? It's not one of those becoming a woman things, is it?
Yan Lin Hay Lin, you're just a growing girl. Say, why not invite some friends over for an after-school snack?
Hay Lin [gasps] What's in there?
Yan Lin Christmas presents. Don't look.
Hay Lin What are you giving me? A bear with a spotlight?
Yan Lin Oh, you could invite Cornelia. And Taranee and... Oh, that funny girl Irma.
Hay Lin Sure. And that new girl Will. I wonder why I thought of her.
Susan Vandom Go on, Will, and don't forget, make lots of new friends today. I put extra cookies in your lunch, to help break the ice with the other girls.
Will Vandom Yeah, that'll make me popular.
[boys laugh]
Aldarn I told you to take a rope.
Caleb You also told me I couldn't get in the castle. Here's your father's bow. At least this won't be used against us. [gasps]
[loud roaring]
Aldarn Hugongs!
[both] Hugongs!
[gasping for air]
Aldarn How far down do you think it goes?
Caleb Jump and I'll tell you.
Hugong [creatures squawk]
Caleb Easy boy! Easy boy! Whoa! Whoa, you ugly, over-grown chicken. I said, whoa! Yeah! [laughs]
Taranee Cook Cornelia, our project's supposed to prove that too much fertiliser reverses osmosis killing the plant. Yours has grown like three inches.
Cornelia Hale Well, I tried to kill it. I fertilised its little butt off.
Irma Lair [gasps] The judge!
[they gasp]
Irma Lair Uh-oh.
[nervous giggling]
Irma Lair Oh, great. You and your little girly fists will cost us a ribbon.
Uriah Dunn Hey, check out the new girl. Hey, Wilma.
Will Vandom Ah, it's just Will.
Uriah Dunn OK, Wilma.
[they laugh]
Hay Lin That's Uriah, ignore him.
Irma Lair Yeah, evolution did. One day we expect him to slither back into the water.
[they all laugh]
Uriah Dunn Hey!
Kurt Van Buren Sorry, Uriah. I don't know what happened.
[they giggle]
Will Vandom Hay Lin, I got your note. Thanks for the invitation. So, what time are we eating?
Cornelia Hale She invited new girl, too?
Taranee Cook Cornelia!
[they gasp]
Will Vandom Want a cookie?
Lord Cedric They have escaped the main guard. We suspect they'll head for the mountains.
Prince Phobos The more success the rebels have, the more it emboldens the peasants to rise up. This is too important to leave to guards.
Lord Cedric Yes, my prince. I'll handle it myself.
Irma Lair Hey! Keep all that noise down! I was being ironic.
Taranee Cook So, Will? Where did you go to school before Sheffield?
Cornelia Hale Hello? Who cares? Have you noticed a bunch of strange stuff going on around me lately?
Irma Lair [gasps] Oh, dear. The conversation has wandered away from Cornelia's life. Whatever were we thinking?
Cornelia Hale [groans]
[they giggle]
Yan Lin Enjoying your food?
Yeah, thanks a lot. Thanks.
I appreciate it, thanks.
Irma Lair But the important thing is, how is Cornelia enjoying her food? [giggles]
Will Vandom [clears throat] "You will make a new best friend."
Hay Lin What's in the box, grandma?
Yan Lin [hiccups] Excuse me. Let me tell you girls a story that I believe will have a special meaning for all five of you.
Hay Lin Grandma, they really don't want to hear a story.
Yan Lin Shh. The universe was once a single kingdom ruled by good. But evil began to take root. A veil was created to isolate the evil kingdom of Meridian from all other worlds. Without the protection of this veil, every world, including Earth, is in terrible danger. Meridian has been overtaken by a powerful entity named Phobos. But he is not the legitimate ruler. They believe the true heir to the throne is somewhere here on Earth.
Irma Lair Um, I'd like to wake up now.
Yan Lin But portals have begun to open in the Veil. Doorways, through which evil can cross between worlds. There are people called Guardians whose job it is to close these holes using their powers. I became a Guardian when I was your age. But now the duty is passing to your generation.
Cornelia Hale Well, thanks for the snacks.
Yan Lin Ah-ah-ah-ah! This is the Heart Of Kandrakar, which contains the elementary forces of nature. In the last few days, you have all had unusual experiences, am I right?
Irma Lair Not counting this one?
Yan Lin All five of you are starting to notice extraordinary abilities. Irma, you will have noticed any water near you behaving strangely.
[gasps of amazement]
Irma Lair Whoa! OK. All righty.
Yan Lin Taranee, I believe you've always been afraid of fire. But focus now on the candle.
[sighs of relief]
Yan Lin My little Hay Lin, this morning you noticed your power over air. To you, Cornelia, is given the power over earth.
Cornelia Hale Oh my God.
Cornelia Hale Really? Yeah?
Yan Lin All five of you will get better with your powers. I hope.
Taranee Cook Um, did you say five?
Will Vandom Um, hate to disappoint you, but I can't even do that trick where it looks like your thumb comes apart. But if I ever have a party, you are definitely the entertainment.
Yan Lin One of the five binds the others, and with the Heart Of Kandrakar unites them, summoning and magnifying their powers.
Taranee Cook Um, recap? We've got to protect the world from evil by repairing holes in some kind of veil?
Cornelia Hale This doesn't involve sewing, does it?
Irma Lair This is so cool. When can we start?
Yan Lin You already have.
Hay Lin Why are you telling us all this now?
Yan Lin There is a rebellion in Meridian. But their leader is in danger. I fear a dark and difficult time is coming. Many good people will need your help. Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin, you have been chosen as the new Guardians of the Veil.
Will Vandom Eugh, sorry. It's too weird. I can't.
Prince Phobos Interesting.
Caleb Hey, we can walk faster than this. Thanks for the ride. How much do I owe you?
Hugong [creature squawks]
Aldarn Um, the Infinite City is still an hour's walk, Caleb.
Caleb For you. I'm not going.
Aldarn What?
Caleb I heard something from my informant. Phobos has discovered the rightful heir to the throne is alive on Earth.
Aldarn Earth?
I need to find a portal. If we don't locate the heir before Phobos does, Meridian and Earth are both doomed. Tell the men to stay strong and the women not to worry. I hope to see you soon, Aldarn. [struggles]
Lord Cedric How can something so small be so troublesome?
Caleb [screams]
Irma Lair Oh, yes. A perfect place to practise our powers.
Cornelia Hale I still don't believe any of this stuff. No offence to your grandma or anything, but she's like completely deluded. Probably not enough vitamin D.
Taranee Cook What about the flower that grew when you just looked at it? And the water in Irma's glass? And the picture Mrs Lin drew in the air?
Cornelia Hale Magic tricks. Ten bucks on the internet.
[they gasp]
Will Vandom Guardians unite! Holy cow!
Irma Lair Somehow I cannot imagine your grandma wearing that.
Hay Lin What have we got behind us?
Cornelia Hale What have we got in front of us?
Hay Lin They're wings, we've got wings.
Will Vandom They can't be wings. If they were, when we went like this we'd... [screams]
Taranee Cook Oh man, I hate heights. I get woozy in high-heeled shoes.
Will Vandom [yelps] Whooo! Does anyone have a camera? Or one of those cell phones?
Hay Lin Whoo-hoo!
Irma Lair Yes, total fox! You do something.
Taranee Cook See? That's exactly why I don't like fire.
Cornelia Hale Irma, you're water. Put it out!
Taranee Cook Phew! Irma?
Cornelia Hale Oh, poo. There's no soil or plants here, I can't do my thing. Er, you know, rise towards me, or whatever. [screams]
Will Vandom It's getting late. I think we've destroyed enough of Heatherfield for today.
Irma Lair Where did Hay Lin go?
Hay Lin [scream]
[cat wails]
Cornelia Hale Found her!
Hay Lin Guys?
Irma Lair Come on, Hay Lin. You can lie in garbage any time.
Hay Lin I really think you ought to check this out.
Cornelia Hale Check what out?
[they gasp]
Taranee Cook What's that?
Hay Lin Don't touch it.
Caleb [shouts]
Irma Lair Look!
Taranee Cook Will, the necklace. Change us back! Now! Now!
Lord Cedric [loud roar]
Taranee Cook Hurry! Hurry!
Caleb [he screams]
Will Vandom Um... Fire!
Taranee Cook Me?
Will Vandom Everybody!
[all] Whoa!
Caleb [splutters] Close it! Close the portal!
Will Vandom How?
Hay Lin The thingy. Use the crystal.
[they scream]
[they sigh]
Irma Lair Oh my goodness.
Cornelia Hale You lost him. That thing got him.
Yan Lin I see. What did he look like?
Will Vandom I don't know. He was just a boy. It happened so fast.
Yan Lin Don't blame yourselves.
Cornelia Hale I don't. I blame her. She totally blew it.
Irma Lair Hey, take it easy, Corny.
Cornelia Hale No, you take it easy, Irmy.
Taranee Cook Guys!
Hay Lin It looked like this.
Yan Lin Ah, Lord Cedric.
Irma Lair Lord? They've got pretty low standards for knighthood over there.
Yan Lin Cedric is not always in this form.
Irma Lair That's good news for his wife.
Hay Lin Irma, this is serious.
Irma Lair I know. Do you think I'm not scared?
Yan Lin Ah-ah. Don't fight. You only have each other, and you've begun an adventure, which I'm afraid you will need all of your talents and strength just to survive.