Jeek[1] (voiced by Paul Eiding)[2] is a Supporting Character in Season 1 and a minor Supporting character of season 2 of the W.I.T.C.H. TV series.


Jeek is an evil passling and Blunk's nemesis. A smuggler much like Blunk, he has a tendency to make deals with the bad guys, as seen in season one, when he steals the Heart of Kandrakar from Will to trade it with Phobos for money, and in season two, when he trades the Horn of Hypnos with Raythor. Coincidentally, Blunk is blamed for the stealing of the Heart of Kandrakar, since Will saw him for a moment but didn't recognize he wasn't Blunk. In season Two he becomes a Trance Marcher after he sold the Horn of Hypnos to Raythor. Also like Blunk, Jeek hates getting wet and having a bath. Jeek was an informant for Phobos in Season 1 and was employed in the Underwater mines as a reward as well as sweet berries he was seen eating when Phobos was informed of Julian's escape.

Jeek plays a much smaller role in Season 2, notably thieving the Horn of Hypnos and exposing the location of the rebel hideout.

Episode Appearances

Season One

Season Two



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