Joel Wright is Matt's friend, and the bass player of their band Cobalt Blue.



Joel and Irma seem to have crushes on each other, and Irma usually calls him Jay. He loves to surf, and he gives Irma surfing lessons. He is a talented cook. Joel is a Karmilla fan like Irma, and they first met each other in a Karmilla concert. He has a younger brother named Billy who is in the fourth grade; Billy is in the same class as Irma's brother, Chris.

TV series

Joel in the TV series

Joel's role in the TV series is greatly reduced making appearances in only three episodes. He is the drummer for Matt's band, with Nigel playing bass. His debut is in Walk This Way, where he is wearing a black skull t-shirt, and his hair is covering his eyes. He makes a very minor appearance in H is for Hunted. where he appears in the background with most of his head being obscured by the neck of Nigel's bass.

Joel's final appearance is in the episode S is for Self, his appearance drastically changing, now looking identical to the way he does in the comics, with his hair spiked, and sporting a goatee and glasses.


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