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Dr. Johnathan Ludmoore is the first Meridianite to travel to Earth and the main villain of Arc 5 though he has been working against the Guardians before they realized their destiny.


Dr. Ludmoore is an evil alchemist from Meridian, at the service of Phobos, who ordered him to weaken the Veil by opening portals to be able to travel between the two dimensions. He discovered that Heatherfield lies in a place where the five elements meet, and tried to suppress them. When he failed he disappeared into his magic book of the five elements.

When Cedric found the book, Ludmoore used him as an instrument to gather the five missing stones representing the parts of the elements (their positive parts) he could not suppress, in which they flew away the day he was imprisoned in the book. When it was finished, he trapped the Guardians, Orube and Cedric into the book where Matt had already been imprisoned. The Guardians are forced to find their way through the book's chapters, discovering the truth about what really happened with Ludmoore in the past.

After he killed Cedric, he tries to kill the Guardians with the power of the five elements, but the girls simply absorbed the powers and battle Ludmoore with them. He managed to steal the Heart of Kandrakar from Will and nearly destroyed the girls, but he was defeated by Matt, who was mentally controlled by Ludmoore by writing in the book in order to prepare his escape; Matt, knowing more than anyone about the book of elements' nature, erases Ludmoore's name from all the book's pages, causing Ludmoore to melt in to a puddle of ink, which is used by the W.I.T.C.H. to escape with everyone from the book and writing "The End", ending Ludmoore's threat and thus preventing the book to be used by evil again.


  • Despite having a Human's appearance, Ludmoore isn't fully human, He is actually a Halfbreed meaning he is Half Meridianite and half-Human.
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