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Julian is the father of Caleb, and he is a native citizen of the planet Meridian.


In the time when Julian was young, he and Nerissa (as The Mage) were lovers and became Caleb's parents. Caleb had never known who his mother was until Nerissa forced Julian to reveal that he and the Mage, who he now knew was Nerissa, "fell and in love and conceived a child" and a short time later Caleb was born and Nerissa left leaving Caleb clueless.[1]

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It was said that he had died in a war, but he was really taken as a prisoner. No one knew who he was though, until Aketon saw him in the mines and told Aldarn.[2] All that is certain is that like his son, he believes in a free Meridian as he inspired his son to lead the rebellion.[citation needed] It has been speculated that Nerissa (possibly posing as Trill) orchestrated his disappearance to fuel Caleb's leadership over the rebellion.

After everyone but Nerissa escaped from inside Weira's Jewel, but Nerissa was still trapped, Julian became its keeper along with Caleb, to keep his estranged wife in check.[3]

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