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Justine Cheynet is a French TV writer and producer. She served as co-associate producer as well as one of the translators for season 1 of the TV series, and also as story editor for season 2.

Outside the W.I.T.C.H. franchise, she is primarily known for her television writing work on other animated series, including several episodes of fellow SIP Animation co-produced series The Tofus.

Behind the scenes

During the show's run, Cheynet provided a significant amount of background information on the production of the series (with the username "witchinsider"[1]):

  • She started and maintained the FAQ thread about the series at the now-defunct TV.com forums.[2]
  • In addition, Cheynet participated in fan discussions on the Toon Zone (now Anime Superhero) forums.[3]


  • Season 1: associate producers (with Leanne Moreau), translators (with Leslie Brown, Cécile Delaroue, Geoffrey Greenhill, and Karine Rybaka)
  • Season 2: story editor


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