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K is for Knowledge is the eleventh episode of season 2, and the thirty-seventh episode overall of the TV series.


W.I.T.C.H. gain new knowledge of their sorceress foe Nerissa, a former Guardian and one-time holder of the Heart of Kandrakar. They also gain knowledge from the Oracle about the old Guardians, who they were and what happened to Cassidy, the former Guardian of Water. Meanwhile Will discovers her lightning and animating of objects is called quintessence, Nerissa targets the Guardians in Meridian and they fight. Nerissa uses a "divide and conquer" strategy to get to the Guardians, by going after Taranee.

At school Taranee is in trouble when she is caught with Uriah and his gang including Nigel. Afterwards Uriah breaks the statue of "Old Man Sheffield".

Also Taranee decides to turn herself into a "bad girl" to go out with against her mother's will. By sneaking out to see her boyfriend Nigel Ashcroft. In the end Nigel likes her better the way she is and Taranee has to face the consequences when she is discovered seeking home by her mother.

Release notes

  • In the Latin American dub,[which?] the episode name was changed to "K is for K.C.H.Y.N.".[citation needed]


  • In the flashback scene, when the Oracle is talking about how he gave the Heart of Kandrakar to Cassidy, she is shown holding the Heart of Meridian instead.


  • Every second-season episode has a clear focus on one of the five main characters. This episode is one of 4 in the season to focus on Taranee Cook.
  • Cassidy, the former Guardian of Water, and Kadma, the former Guardian of Earth, are introduced in the backstory. Halinor was the previous Guardian of Fire and Yan Lin, of course, the previous Guardian of Air. Their names, together with Nerissa's, formed the acronym "C.H.Y.K.N.".
  • Nerissa's name and her history as former leader of the previous five Guardians of the Veil and keeper of the mystical Heart of Kandrakar are revealed.
  • Will finally learns about her own elemental power: quintessence, the ability to generate and control whitish-blue lightning to electrify one's enemies, and bring inanimate objects to life by imbuing them with pure life-force energy by saying "quintessence" aloud.

Behind the scenes