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Kader Peyton is Erin Peyton's brother. He was a part of the supporting cast of Arc 6: Ragorlang of the W.I.T.C.H. comics, who became crucially helpful to the Guardians.


Kader is a young boy with a dark complexion and has wavy purplish-blue hair. He is stated to be incredibly attractive, catching the eyes of Irma, Taranee, and Cornelia.[1]


Kader and his sister, Erin, came from the Roamers, wanderers who ventured across the universe, looking for the perfect home. They eventually settled on Earth, finding a beautiful island in the tropics where they lived happily.[1]

One day, Tecla Ibsen arrived to the village, capturing people and making them wear her mirror jewelry, dividing their bad sides from their good and leaving them meek while creating ragorlangs from their negative energy. Kader was aware of her doing this but Erin was not.[1]

With this stolen energy, Tecla created an army to attack the entire village at once and drain the energy of all its people. Kader led most of their people away through their hidden passages, but Erin was dragged away by the ragorlang, separating her from her brother. After settling his people into a new land, Kader began looking for Erin but was unable to find her. Unknown to him, Tecla had lied to the girl, blaming W.I.T.C.H. for the attack and taking her to Heatherfield to be her pawn.[1]

W.I.T.C.H. eventually learned the truth and using their magical portal, brought Kader to Heatherfield to reunite with his sister. Irma, infatuated with him, introduced herself as Erin's future sister-in-law which Kader didn't mind, kissing her hand and offering to bring her home with them to the Roamer's new land. But Erin refused to leave yet as she wanted to help W.I.T.C.H., especially Hay Lin who had also been attacked by the Ragorlang, calling her a friend. Kader wasn't sure but when Erin remarked that she owed them a debt of honor, he agreed to stay too until she was ready to go. Cornelia and Taranee were quick to offer him space in their homes, bewitched by his handsomeness, but Will declared the boy would stay in Ye Olde Bookshop with We.[1]

Kader walked with Erin and Irma back to the Lair house, asking them to find him clothing so he would not stand out. The siblings said their goodnights, very happy to have one another again, then Kader left to return to the bookstore. He declared Heatherfield was actually quite a peaceful place.[1]

Kader received his new clothes to blend in with the earthlings, but found it difficult to sleep in a new place. When he discovered We had slipped out of the bookstore, he ran out to recollect the little creature only to find he was actually sleepwalking. He tucked We into his own bed while talking about his life as a Roamer, a peaceful existence disturbed by Tecla which led to him losing his sister. Now they would help W.I.T.C.H. defeat her, as he knew best what she was capable of.[2]

The next day, they broke into Tecla's former hideout only to find it abandoned. Kader was frustrated that she had gotten away while Erin feared having to confront the woman who had hurt her with her monster. The group went out for pizza and Kader found himself the target for Irma's flirting as well as Cornelia's (though she was just trying to annoy Irma). Kader agreed that he liked being on Earth with them but questioned how they could be so carefree to which Irma declared they were used to danger. They dropped off Cornelia at her apartment building where she offered him her number in case he needed anything, only confusing the boy and further angering Irma. They group left shortly after this, Kader feeling awkward about the entire thing. Shortly afterward, though, Will received a warning from the Heart of Kandrakar that Cornelia was in trouble. Irma commanded Kader to turn away while she transformed but he was still amazed by her beauty. The siblings were left behind while the Guardianss rushed to aid their friend, saving her from a ragorlang attack.[2]

The next day, the group reconvened at the bookshop to discuss Uriah's Gang and the changes they'd undergone. Kader recognized the signs and asked if the boys wore any trinkets on them. When Irma confirmed they wore reflective pins, he informed them of Tecla's weapons which had turned the Roamers into her prisoners and made her army. Remembering this caused him distress though We offered a hug to cheer him up. With what they had learned, the group split up to handle the situations. Kader, Irma, and Cornelia left to get the pins from Uriah’s gang while the rest went to check the exchange program that Erin had been a part of, looking for links to Tecla.[2]

Kader's group entered the park where Cornelia was still clinging to him and asking if he had a girlfriend, all for the sake of annoying Irma. They quickly found the possessed delinquents cleaning the area and Kader identified their pins to be Tecla’s. Cornelia tried to show off her “feminine charm” by asking politely for the pins, only to back out in disgust when Uriah told her to earn it by cleaning the park. Irma went for the direct approach, roughing up the boys until they handed over the pins, which intrigued Kader. The Guardians received a telepathic message from the others of the ragorlangs attacking an amusement park and hurried there to meet the others.[2]

Once the civilians had fled, the group readied to fight the monsters. One of them attacked the Peytons and while Erin jumped free, Kader was slammed into a shed to Irma’s distress. He came out of it alright, though called Irma sweet for worrying about him. The ragorlangs fled into the House of Mirrors while W.I.T.C.H. shattered the pins to hopefully destroy them. Kader tried to warn them that mirrors make the monsters multiply but was too late as an army of ragorlangs burst from the attraction. Kader saved Irma from being hit, leading to a moment between them. Will eventually had an idea to bury all the monsters in a dirt dome, cutting off the light that made them and causing them to disappear. Uriah’s group was returned to normal.[2]

The next day, it was time for Erin and Kader to leave. Irma was thoroughly depressed to see Kader go, to the point of tears which worried the boy. She deflected by blaming an allergy to We but said she would keep him close because then Kader would come back to see him. Kader understood her and declared her to be both sweet and determined, confusing her as she admitted she didn’t want to say goodbye. He gave her some encouraging words: that while there are things you dislike about yourself, there is a lot more about you that other people truly loved. This message touched her greatly.[2]

The Peyton's finally returned to their people. They made no further appearances.

Later, Irma thought about Kader, feeling she missed her opportunity for true love by letting him go.[3]