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The Kaithim is a large lake-inhabiting creature that made its only appearance in the Season 1 episode, The Battle of Meridian Plains.


The Kaithim resembles a large predatory watery one-eyed monster that inhabits the lake of Meridian. It is actually using the energy of the lake water inside its body, making any outside attacks useless.[1]

It has three known forms. Its first form is a snake with arms. The second form is a large humanoid water fiend with a pair of arms and legs. The third and final form is a huge towering beast that resembles a hydra. The Kaithim's only known weakness is lightning (only will work when striking the Kaithim's eye). The bolt will diffuse the Kaithim's energy, eliminating the beast.[1]


It was first seen as the lake grabbed and ate a lone Hugong.[1]

Later, when W.I.T.C.H. arrived at the lake, the Kaithim attacked them with its three forms. Nevertheless, the Guardians defeated the Kaithim in its final form with their wits by combing their powers to create lightning to strike the Kaithim's eye diffusing the energy and killing the beast, restoring the water source.[1]


Images of the Kaithim.